The Akashic Records: Beyond Man

When looking into The Akashic Records, I noticed a gaping whole in most of the definitions. Most people believe that the Akashic Records are a spiritual realm where all of humans past, present and future are recorded. It is believed that all time exists simultaneously there. Every thought, emotion and action of every human that has existed and will exist is thought to be kept there. Is this what it really is? Is this all that it is?

Your Own Akashic Records

It seems that most talk about Akashic Records surrounds people wanting to read their own. Some people say that you can visit past lives as well as your future self. It is supposed to be a way of getting to know your own truth. While this sounds like a great thing, people have been abusing it for a very long time.

Many Psychics Claim to Access The Akashic Records

There is no shortage of people trying to make money off of being able to access these records. It is one of the oldest scams. Tarot cards, palm readers and psychics of all sorts claim to be able to access these records on your behalf. Of course they won’t do it for free. A Ouija Board can be considered a way to access the Akashic Records. I have also noticed that there is no shortage of people selling books and seminars on the subject.

People making money off of their expertise isn’t a bad thing. I also believe that the Akashic Records exist. I just think that we should be careful about the peoples motives in all situations.

Buddhism, Meditation and Truth

A person can access the Akoshic Records in many different ways. Many of them start with a person going into a meditative state. After quieting your mind, it is said that you can then receive messages from the Akoshic Records (in it’s simplest from). This requires practice of course.

When I think of reaching higher realms through meditation it makes me think of Buddhism. Meditation is at the core of Buddhism. Buddhists believe that by practicing meditation enough that you can reach “enlightenment”. Enlightenment is reaching the the ultimate truth in life.


Reaching enlightenment sounds an awful lot like reaching the Akoshic Hall of Records. I believe that they are the same thing just called different words. People always get caught up on words. Words are just what we decide to call something, not what it is. For example, a lot of people don’t realize that the words God and Ala are the same. Calling a table a chair doesn’t make it any less of a table. Enlightenment and the Akashic Records are two sides of the same coin.

Great Scientists Access to Knowledge From Beyond

People have always wanted to know how great scientists like Albert Einstein and Le0nardo Da Vinci came up with such extraordinary ideas. Every once in a while someone comes along that changes the entire world. Are these people coming up with their ideas on their own, or do they have access to a higher realm of thinking?

Einstein liked to do what he called “thought experiments“. These experiments involved a trance like state where he would concentrate on an idea. He could play out scientific experiments in his head to conclusion. Was this his way of accessing the Akashic Records.


Steve Jobs is, without a doubt, one of the most influential people of recent times. He accredits meditation for allowing him to come up with his best ideas. It can’t be just a coincidence that all of these great minds included meditation as part of their creative process.

Mysteries of the Universe

I have seen many websites that promise to teach people how to read their own Akashic Records. They say that achieving this isn’t very hard. It is apparently harder to read others records. I am not an expert on meditation or psychic abilities, but this seems kind of strange to me.

If these records are accessible by average people, you would think it would be more widespread. In our go go world, many people just may never take the time to meditate. Getting us addicted to technology may be one way that us average people are kept in our place. People in power would do almost anything to keep this kind of knowledge from the masses.

One thing that bugs me when I read into the Akoshic Records it that they seemed to have tunnel vision. The only thing that they seem to talk about is accessing human records. If I had access to the Universes entire history I would want to know a lot more than just human existence. I believe that there are many great mysteries in the Universe. I don’t doubt that something like the Akashic Records does exist. It does make wonder how easily humans can access this information though.

I have heard the idea that some of these scientists are thought to have accessed the Akashic Records of aliens. While this is a possibility, I don’t think that it is the most plausible. If aliens wanted to pass information to us I think they would use telepathy. Aliens use telepathy to talk to each other so it only makes sense that they would use it to talk to us also. They could communicate ideas to us without us even knowing. Aliens would pick the smartest people on Earth to communicate with because the rest of us couldn’t comprehend what they were trying to teach us.

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