Alien Abduction Reported From Oswego New York

This alien abduction was reported by a man named William that lives in Oswego, New York. The abduction happened at his home on January 3, 2020, at 10:20 pm.

Oswego is a small town in north-central New York. The town borders lake Ontario. The population is around 20,000 people. William is a 28-year-old man that has lived in the area for almost five years. He has never had an alien abduction experience before this one. He has never seen a UFO either. The existence of aliens is not something that he ever put much thought into.

Friday, January 3rd started out the same as most days for William. He went to his job where he drives a delivery truck for a soda company. When his workday was over he went to a fast-food restaurant for dinner. After that, he went home and watched some Netflix. He was home by himself because his girlfriend was out of town on business. William planned on staying up late so he could catch up on his favorite show. His night was going as planned until a little after 10 o’clock.

At about 10:00, William’s house started to shake. He thought that he was experiencing an earthquake so he hid under a door frame. He stood under the door frame for thirty seconds as the house continued to shake. The earthquake stopped and suddenly a bright blue light was coming in through his windows. The light was so bright that it seemed like it was suddenly daytime except the light was the wrong color. William decided to go outside and investigate.

When William made it outside he turned around and looked back at his house. He started shaking when he saw a giant sphere-shaped UFO floating above his house. The UFO was twice the size of his house and black. It had red and blue lights dispersed over the side. A high-pitched noise was coming from the craft. The bright blue light that was surrounding his house was now only shining on him. The light was concentrated into just the area where he was standing. William couldn’t see the UFO anymore because he was blinded by the light.

Alien abduction
Staring into the eyes of an alien.

No One Ever Expects To Be Abducted By Aliens

William isn’t sure what happened next because he must have passed out. When he came to he was laying on a metal table and was surrounded by weird instruments. From what he could tell he was in a silver room. His body felt paralyzed but he could move his head a little. He looked down and he saw that he was strapped to the table with clasps that reminded him of the middle seatbelt in an old car. There was a weird sensation coming from his groin. He strained as hard as he could and noticed that there was a thin tube attached to his penis. This tube was silver and it was going inside him as a catheter would.

Cold and shaking, William turned his head and tried to get a look at his surroundings. Understandably, he was beginning to fill with fear. This fear grew when he saw that he wasn’t alone in the room. There were three more men laying on tables beside him. They all had the same tubes going into their genitals. They also had masks on their faces and they seemed to be unconscious. The mask looked like the kind that they put on your nose at the dentist’s office.

A few seconds later, William found himself staring into the eyes of an alien. It appeared how people usually describe them. It had a big head and big black eyes. Its skin was a light brown color. The alien didn’t have a nose or any hair. Its mouth was small with thin lips. The lips were almost the same color as their skin. He could only see the aliens head. He found himself staring into its eyes which seemed to calm him down. The alien put a mask over his face and William lost consciousness again.

The next thing that William knew, he was laying on the floor in his living room. It was around 6:30 am and the sun was coming up. He seemed okay except his head hurt and his memory was really foggy. He felt like he had a really bad hangover yet he hadn’t drunk any alcohol the night before. The crazy part is that William didn’t remember the alien abduction right away. He spent hours trying to remember what happened to him. After some time his memory finally started to come back. While his memories are still foggy he can’t forget what happened to him.

William stayed in denial about his alien abduction for a few weeks. He didn’t want to admit that it had really happened to him. He finally came to terms with it somewhat and decided to talk to us about it. We honored his request and changed his name for this article.

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