Alien Disclosure: Conspiracy, Hoax or Inevitable

There is a lot of talk about alien disclosure. People always want to know when it is going to happen. They act like it is an inevitable future appointment that is just waiting on a date to be set. We decided to talk to other UFO researchers and get to the bottom of the alien disclosure theory. There are several different viewpoints on this subject. All of them make good arguments.

Some Believe That The Government Has A Timeline For Alien Disclosure

We aren’t exactly sure how long the government has known about the existence of aliens. They may have known since before the United States was even a country or they may have only learned about it when the UFO crashed at Roswell. When the government learned about aliens is a debate for another article though. For this discussion, all we need to agree about is that the government has knowledge about the existence of aliens on Earth.

There is no doubt that if the government does know about the existence of aliens that they have done massive amounts of research into the subject. They would have created a think tank made up by scientists from every field necessary. Psychologists, sociologists, economists, and many others would be involved, just to name a few. One of the many questions that these scientists would want to know the answer to is how the American public would respond to the knowledge of aliens’ existence.

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Most UFOlogists think that the government UFO think tank came up with a plan for disclosing the existence of aliens to the public. This disclosure includes a timeline and process for how to reveal aliens with the least impact on society. Because of their research, they put a plan for disclosure into action.

Every once in a while the government releases a small bit of the information that they have about aliens. These instances seem random and often accidental but nothing could be further from the truth. The government already knows exactly when, and how, they are going to disclose the existence of aliens. There are no leaks or random bits of information let out. The government is actually following through with a very methodical, laid out plan. I have received confirmation from insiders that the government plans on full alien disclosure by 2050.

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Some Believe That The Government Has No Intention Of Disclosing Aliens

While some UFO researchers think that the government has a plan and timeline for disclosing aliens, others believe that they have no intention of ever letting us in on what they know. Some of us older people might remember watching the original X-files show. During the last few seasons of the show, the subject mostly consisted of government-alien conspiracy theories. This storyline focused on a shadow type, MIB style government. The government was working secretly with aliens for various different reasons. The shadow government had no intention of ever revealing the existence of the aliens until the time came when the aliens were supposed to take over the world. I don’t remember the exact plot since it has been 20 years but for some reason, that show always comes to mind when I think about alien disclosure.

Just because The X-files is a fictional show doesn’t mean that something similar isn’t going on in real life. The government could have vast amounts of knowledge about aliens. They could even be working with aliens. That doesn’t mean that they have any plan of letting us in on what they know. I’m sure that the government has plenty of secrets which they never plan on telling us. The government would classify any proof of aliens above top secret. A very small number of people would have access to this information. Even the President wouldn’t have access to this information.

It is possible that the aliens themselves are against disclosure. If the government is working with aliens then it wouldn’t be an even partnership. Aliens are much smarter and way more advanced than we are. If they wanted to steamroll the situation then they could. It could be their decision to not disclose themselves. The government might not have a choice.

We could come up with a thousand reasons why the government might not want to disclose aliens. I don’t think that it is necessary to write them all. The point is that we don’t know for sure if the government ever plans on disclosing aliens. People always act like alien disclosure is inevitable. They act like the government has to eventually disclose what they know. People probably think this because they want it to be true. People often believe ideas that align with what they want to hear. That’s why so many people get scammed on the internet by seemingly ridiculous ideas.

There May Not Be Anything To Disclose

Many UFO researchers believe that the government can’t disclose their knowledge about aliens because they don’t have anything to disclose. Everybody assumes that there is a giant government conspiracy involving aliens but no one has been able to prove it. Does that mean that they are just good at hiding it or does it mean that there is nothing there for them to hide? This is one question that we really want to know the answer to.

People love a good conspiracy theory. Especially when it involves the government. Aliens are experts at keeping themselves hidden from humans. They could easily keep themselves hidden from the people in power as well as the general public. The United States Government may not have any more information about aliens than UFO researchers do. Because of this they don’t actually have anything to disclose.

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What Do We Know About Alien Disclosure?

Alien disclosure is one of those subjects that the deeper you look into it the more you realize that you don’t know anything. I personally believe that the government does have knowledge about aliens but they have no intention of ever disclosing it to the public. I think that the aliens themselves will show themselves before the government ever tells us about them. The only thing that we can do is continue to ask questions and hope that they will one day reveal what they do know. Only time will tell whether or not they are going to disclose their knowledge. I am an impatient person myself but I guess we are all in for a long wait.

2 thoughts on “Alien Disclosure: Conspiracy, Hoax or Inevitable

  1. It would be helpful to have a roster list of believers and encounters experienced located throughout cities on a global level. I would truly respect such a list of locals to share and support these endeavors.

    1. I agree. I’m not sure what you mean by a roster of believers though. It would be impossible to keep track of everyone that believes in aliens because that would be millions of people. The number of people that have witnessed UFOs or encountered aliens is in the tens if not hundreds of thousands. Compiling information is hard too because there are many different groups that collect data on aliens. We do our best to cover our little corner of the UFOlogy ecosystem. Our passion drives us.

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