How Aliens Hide Technology On Earth

How aliens hide the evidence of UFOs. I have always wondered how aliens could have been visiting Earth for so long without leaving behind a bunch of evidence. This has always been one of my main concerns when it comes to the Ancient Astronaut Theory.

Relationship Between Alien Technology and Stone

One way that aliens could be hiding their technology is by masking it as stones. Aliens possess the ability to change anything that the choose into stone.

What appears to be giant stone formations could be alien UFO landing pads.

UFO Landing pad
What Are These Rocks Really For and How Were They Formed?

Many things that look like normal rock arches could be portals or gateways to other worlds or dimensions.

Alien Portal
Rock Arches Are Found All Over The World

There are countless caves, caverns, mountains and other areas that aliens could be hiding their technology. Aliens are masters at camouflage. They also know what we think of when we think about technology. Aliens probably have I.Q’s in the 1000s. We would be no smarter than a monkey to them. Because of this, they would have no problem keeping alien technology hidden from humans. One form of technology that they surely use to store data is crystals.

Crystals Are The Future Computer

Many scientists across the world have started to realize the value of crystals. People have been worshiping crystals for thousands of years. We now know that there is a reason behind this.

Crystals can store massive amounts information. They can bend light in ways that we are just beginning to understand. Crystals can made to vibrate in ways to transmit information.

Humans probably saw how important crystals were to aliens which is why we became so fascinated with them. Plus if we came across an alien crystal “computer” we would have no idea what it really was.

Alien Crystals
There Is No Limit To The Value Of Crystals

Hiding Places Are Endless

The bottom line is that aliens could have been visiting the Earth for a very long time without leaving any evidence for us to find. They can do this by hiding their technology or just by disguising it. They may have advanced to the point where they use or recycle everything that they touch. Aliens may not be like humans. They don’t leave piles of trash everywhere that they go.

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