Ancient Aliens: Is the Show Fact or Fiction

     Ancient Aliens and Why We Like It

The main reason that I like the show “Ancient Aliens” is because it shows people a new way to look at history. Unfortunately we have all been taught an untrue version of history depending on a lot of variables. The people who lived before us wrote the history that they wanted us to believe. The winner of the war gets to write the history that they see fit.

Mind Awakening
Can we really make decisions or have they already been made for us?

Historians and archaeologists don’t want to be proven wrong. They consider themselves smarter than everyone else. They have spent their entire lives arguing something as fact that can only be speculation. No one wants their life’s work proven wrong. I can understand that. I just wish they would admit that it is possible that they could be wrong. All of us should be willing to reexamine everything we think to be true at any given time. The only way to learn anything is to admit that you could be wrong. Thinking that you are always right will make you ignorant!

The Government Has A Big Interest in What We Believe

The government probably has the biggest influence in this campaign of rewriting history. They approve the history books that are used in public schools which means that they basically decide what we are taught as children. Every countries history books are written to make the home country look in the best light. It’s a huge level of living in denial taught to us from our first day in school. I am glad that there is a show on TV that makes people open their minds to the fact that the history we have been taught is not accurate. We have all been mislead. Since the beginning of civilizations. The government wants us to all be sheep. They need it to keep themselves in power and luxury. The only thing better than us being sheep is us arguing with each other while they steal our futures.

We All Love Giorgio

My favorite person on “Ancient Aliens” is Giorgio Tsoukalos. Giorgio is from Switzerland. His family is fans of the book “Chariots of the God’s?” so he has been into the Ancient Alien Theory since he was a child. He is so passionate about what he believes that he can almost convince anyone of anything. Not to mention the hair. You have to love his hair!

Giorgio from Ancient Aliens

Ancient Aliens has taught millions of people to open their minds

I have always been one of those people who questions everything. Unfortunately, most people seem like they believe everything that they are told. The popularity of the show “Ancient Aliens” shows that people are willing to look at new information about things once considered fact. The show teaches us that it is okay to open our minds. People are quickly becoming gullible, believing everything that they read on social media or see on partisan controlled television. I can’t count the amount of times that someone has told me something that sounds crazy, only to find out that they heard it from Facebook. Facebook is not news people. But I digress.

Alien Abduction Picture

There Are Many Interesting Topics on Ancient Aliens

One of my favorite topics that they talk about on the show is alien cross breeding or DNA manipulation. I have spent a lot of time thinking about evolution; looking at all the other animals on Earth and wondering why we were the only ones that advanced as far as we did. There are species on Earth that have been around a lot longer than humans. How have we advanced so much further than these species? If evolution went the way it is supposed to than alligators would be smarter than humans. They have supposedly been around millions of years longer. I also find it curious that there were several species of sub humans but we were the only one that made it. The rest was wiped out as if they were experiments gone wrong. Even in places where they were the top of the food chain and should have thrived.

If Evolution is Wrong then the Choices Are Limited 

Many scientists have come forward and said that the Theory of Evolution can not be true. They think that our DNA is too complicated to have been able to evolve in the amount of time that it has been given. That means that our DNA had to come from somewhere else. There are really two choices. God or some other higher power. 

This is where I think “Ancient Aliens” is correct. I find it a lot more plausible that aliens helped create humans instead of a god. At least in the way that most people think. I also find it completely believable that ancient humans would have confused aliens with gods. This is probably where a lot of myths and religions have come from.

This does not mean that God does not exist. God could have put all of this into motion. Giorgio will tell you himself that he still believes in God and he is the biggest believer in the Ancient Alien Theory. The last thing that I want is for people to think that they can’t believe in God and aliens at the same time. Maybe just a different version of God. I have written a blog about my theories about God so I won’t get back into that.

UFO sighting 2018 Nebraska
Our Category of Real UFO Sightings

What is Wrong With the Show

The main reason that I don’t like the show is because they give aliens credit for way too much and stretch too far to try to prove their theories. Every crazy looking artifact does not mean aliens. They don’t give people credit for having any imagination at all! I am sure you have all seen a meme or two that pokes fun at this. They will twist anything and make it look like aliens had something to do with it.

Ancient Men Were Master Builders and Craftsmen!

The show also tries to make it sound like ancient men could not build things that we know exactly how they did build them. Back then there was not TV or internet. People had nothing better to do then to spend decades or more on a building project. Almost anything can be done with enough man power.

Ancient Aliens is a Big Money Maker

I realize a TV show relies on audiences to make money. I do understand how hard it is to make a living as a UFOlogist. It is not a way to get rich. However the show does makes the entire UFOlogy field look a little foolish. They are the most popular show on the subject. People don’t realize that not all UFO Investigators believe the same things. I don’t have the time or desire to point out a bunch of specific examples but I think if aliens were as common as they try to say then there would be a lot more physical evidence left behind.

I don’t want to trash the show because I do enjoy watching it, but it should be seen as entertainment not fact. At least some of the episodes. Some episodes seem completely plausible while others seem like they are stretching too far! I believe in aliens but I try to keep my theories as realistic as possible. I will keep watching their show and I hope you do too because it is entertaining and us believers need to support each other. 

Our conclusion: Just like everything else in life, I believe that the show “Ancient Aliens” is both fact and fiction. It’s up to each of us to decide what we believe the truth is. The important thing is to keep looking for the truth.

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