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Are Aliens Hiding on Earth? They May Not Just Be Visiting

Most people seem to think that all UFO’s come straight from outer space. I’m sure that this is the case for some of them, but I think it is far more likely that a lot live here on Earth. Where do aliens live on Earth? Why don’t we see them? Are some people helping them stay hidden? These are some of the questions that we are going to try and answer. Aliens are here, on Earth, we just want to know where.

There Are Many Places For Aliens To Live

People are delusional in so many ways. One of the ways that bug me the most is that we think that we know everything. Most of the things that we believe to be true have no factual foundation. We believe what other people tell us to believe. Our parents, teachers, friends, preachers, and social media all lead us to think that we are smarter than we really are. My point is that there are many areas of the Earth that we know nothing about. Scientists are constantly finding new creatures that we previously knew nothing about. This shows us that there are many places on Earth that aliens could be without us knowing.

The Ocean Is A Great Place To Hide

The world’s oceans are probably some of the most unknown places on Earth. The Challenger Deep,part of the Mariana Trench, in the Western Pacific is 36,200 feet deep. Man has just recently developed the technology to see the bottom of this trench.¬† Just this one trench is 2,550 km long and 69 km wide so I doubt he explored very much of it.

Now I don’t know if there are aliens at the bottom of the Mariana Trench, but I do believe that they are somewhere in the ocean. Not only could they be in the oceans, but there are many deep lakes in the world too. Crater lake in Oregon is 1,949 feet (594 meters) deep.

There have been many UFO sighting reports where the UFO’s were seen underwater (these are referred to as USOs). These reports prove that aliens have interests underneath the world’s waters. I believe that aliens could hide in water that isn’t even that deep.

The advanced technology that aliens use to make their ships allows them to fly (or dive) anywhere that they want. Aliens are always at least one step ahead of us too. They know how advanced our technology is, therefore they are able to keep themselves out of sight. If we did come across one of their underwater bases, they would surely move or camouflage themselves.

The Grand Canyon

There have been many UFO sightings in Arizona. There is also a lot of strange artifacts showing up in the area. These occurrences point to a lot of aliens’ activity in the area. Not to mention that it is close to New Mexico. Alien hunters have believed for a long time that there is an alien presence at the White Sands Missile Range (a military testing site since 1948).


The Grand Canyon is 1,902 square miles. It contains countless unexplored caves. Using one of these caves as a hiding place is not new. People have used them to hide themselves or valuables in. Some people have looked for the Ark Of the Covenant in caves there. Others believe that the Knights Templar’s gold is there. I think that aliens are there. I honestly think aliens are the more probable of the three. At least we know aliens are real.

hiding grand canyon
Many people believe that there are alien bases and even portals in the Grand Canyon.

Aliens Could Hide in Mountain Ranges

Deep inside of mountains is a popular place for the government to hide things. Iron Mountain in Boyers, Pennsylvania and Cheyenne Mountain in Colorado Springs, Colorado come to mind. These are just two of the government facilities that are dug into a mountain. I am sure that Governments across the world have many secret mountain bases. If governments across the world can hide inside of mountains then I am sure that aliens could too.

Twenty percent of the Earth is covered by mountains. Many of these mountains are in areas that people could not live. Most of these mountains are hardly ever visited either. This is a great hiding place for aliens.


Deserts, Antarctica and the North Pole

I grouped these three together because they are all similar. All of these areas have very harsh environments where few people live (if any). For these reasons, these areas would be a great place for aliens to live. Aliens wouldn’t have a problem living in such harsh environments because of their advanced technology. Any species that has mastered traveling across vast distances can surely make an underground facility in the Sahara. Archaeologists believe that most of Ancient Egypt is still hiding under the desert. Aliens could definitely be hiding there too then.

The idea that aliens live underground at the North Pole is not new. Some people believe that Admiral Richard Byrd found an underground city in 1947 at the North Pole. This hole was big enough for him to fly his plane around in. He was also confronted by UFOs in this underground oasis. These beliefs come from people that claim to have read his personal diary. The only problem is that many people believe that this diary is a fake. Either way, this isn’t a new idea.

Many countries have “research stations” in Antarctica. What they are researching is still not completely known. That’s assuming you believe what they say that they are researching there. Many of these stations are conducting classified research. Aliens could be working there side by side with people.

Aliens Could Be Hiding Right Under Our Noses!

I think that the most realistic place for aliens to live on Earth is right under our noses. I don’t think it’s some ridiculous disguise thing like on “Men in Black”. The way that aliens hide is probably more like the aliens in the movie “Predator”. Alien technology would seem like magic to us. There is no doubt that aliens have cloaking capabilities. It is very possible that UFOs are flying through the sky constantly without us even knowing. Aliens may not even need to hide at all. They could also use mind control to cloak themselves.

Are People Helping Aliens Hide on Earth?

When I was young I loved the show The X-Files. I especially liked the last few seasons where they got into the deep government conspiracy theories. At that time, I didn’t believe aliens were visiting the Earth. I just thought it was a good fictional show. Now that I am older and learned to open my mind some, I wonder how fictional the show actually is. I’m not implying that the writers on the show had inside knowledge of a government conspiracy. I do believe that a lot of fictional stories have some seed of truth though.

Many actual people do claim to have inside knowledge that the government is working with aliens. You probably think that these people are all crackpots, but you would be wrong. A lot of these people are ex-government officials. Some are scientists that worked on classified projects. One of the most famous is Boyd Bushman. He worked on government projects for Lockheed Martin. Shortly before his death, he made a video talking about his work with aliens. He was very serious in this video. I don’t think a man of his type would soil his legacy by lying right before he died unless he was telling the truth.

Eye Witness Testimony

I like watching real crime dramas on T.V. On some of these shows people are put on Death Row purely on eye witness testimony. At one point in time, eye witness testimony was considered to be the best type of evidence. To this day, people are convicted purely off of eye witness testimony even though it has been proven that people don’t always pick out the right person. How is it that a person’s life can be taken because of one eye witness yet people still don’t believe in aliens? There are thousands of alien witnesses!

If we were only to believe a small amount of these alien eye-witnesses then it would still tell us some truths. UFOs do visit the Earth. Aliens are using their ships to go underwater. The government is working with aliens on secret projects. We coexist on this planet with aliens whether you believe it or not! You don’t have to believe something for it to be true. I believe that aliens live in every place that I discussed and more. I am not basing this off of an opinion, but by the facts and witnesses that have come forward. There are too many credible witnesses to be dismissed. They can’t all be delusional or liars!

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