Are Pyramids Proof Of Ancient Aliens?

Whether you watch the show “Ancient Aliens” or not, you have probably heard about how they relate pyramids to the existence of aliens. This topic seems to be one of their major selling points because they have many shows on the subject. I have spent a lot of time thinking about these pyramids and whether or not they show proof of aliens. These are my thoughts on the subject.

How Can The Same Shaped Monuments Be Found All Across The Ancient World?

“Ancient Aliens” likes to point out the fact that similar pyramids are found all around the world. They claim that these ancient civilizations must have had contact with the same beings in order to have come up with similar designs for these giant monuments. How could these people create these buildings otherwise? The answer to this question is actually pretty simple.

After humans were no longer hunter-gatherers and learned how to farm they had extra time on their hands. When a small amount of the population can feed the rest of the group then some people are freed up to do other things with their time. It seems that the main thing that people decided to start doing at this point was to build monuments to their gods or rulers. This is not new with pyramids it is just done on a larger scale with them.

The reason that these ancient people decided to build these monuments in the pyramid shape comes down to simple engineering. If you want to build a giant monument with rocks, without the use of steel beams, rebar or concrete, then the most stable shape is going to be a pyramid. You don’t have to be an engineer to understand this principle. When you build a house using playing cards what shape does it end up being? Usually a pyramid. That is the shape that is the least likely to fall over.

Ancient people were not stupid. They understood engineering and mathematics. Because of this, they would have understood that the best way to build a large, stable structure is to use the pyramid shape. While they may have built these structures to worship aliens or gods, I don’t think that the shape has anything to do with it. It’s just a simple fact that if you stack rocks straight up instead of in a pyramid shape that they are more likely to fall over. The shape also makes it easier for the builders to make ramps used for adding blocks.

All of these pyramids are similar but not even close to being identical!

Pyramids Weren’t Just Monuments

One of the theories put forward by “Ancient Aliens” is that pyramids were made for other reasons than just being monuments or tombs. The main theory seems to be that they were power plants of some kind. This theory is the one that really bothers me.

On one of their shows, they talk about a scientist that did studies using pyramids. He built a pyramid-shaped metal object and then spun it using a centrifuge creating a ball of energy. While this experiment is interesting, I don’t see what it has to do with the pyramids in Egypt. The pyramids found around the world are built with stone, not metal. Also, the fact that they could be spun rapidly is utterly ridiculous.

If ancient man had access to vast amounts of electricity then what did they use it for. We never find two-thousand-year-old electric motors hidden in the sand. No one has found a Game Boy in Pumapunku. Egyptians kept great records so why didn’t they talk about this? What happened to all of the metal wirings which would have covered the pyramids? Don’t tell me that the aliens bothered to take every single bit with them when the left. That doesn’t make sense. There are some artifacts, like the Baghdad Battery, which show that ancient people may have had access to small amounts of electricity but there is nothing that shows them having access to pyramid sized power plants.

I can’t imagine why aliens would need something the size of a pyramid to create energy either. Surely aliens have easier ways to create energy than to build massive monuments. They can, after all, manage to fly across the Universe without a pyramid strapped to their ship. The entire pyramid power plant theory seems completely pointless.

Why Did People Build The Pyramids?

For a long time, people assumed that the pyramids were built as tombs. After a lot of digging, no one found anything that showed that they had anything to do with burials. “Ancient Aliens” points this out as a reason that they were made for aliens.

I don’t know how you get from not a tomb to aliens. It seems like a bit of a jump to me. People built the pyramids for the same reason that people still build giant buildings and monuments today. It is just a form of showing off. “Look how great I am. I had a giant building built.” While Egyptian’s probably had many reasons for building the pyramids, one had to be that they wanted to show off their power. No one would ever go against someone that could create such a massive structure.

How Did Ancient People Move Such Massive Stones?

Ancient Alien Theorists love to point out how large the stones are that were used to make the pyramids. They say that there is no way that ancient man moved these stones on their own. It is an impressive feat. That’s why they are so intriguing.

It is very important to remember that pyramids across the world were not built by just a few people. They say “where are the machines that they used?” The machines that were used to build these pyramids were people. Thousands and thousands of people working day and night for years. Pyramids weren’t built overnight. The knowledge used to cut and move stones was passed down for generations. People building pyramids is an amazing accomplishment but not an impossible one.

Building pyramid by people not aliens

Ancient people were obviously masters of stone working. It is also possible that they had more advanced tools than we give them credit for. This does not mean that aliens helped them.

In Conclusion

I want to make clear the fact that I do enjoy watching the show “Ancient Aliens” for many reasons. I think that we have to reexamine history constantly because what we think we know isn’t always right. The main problem that I have with the show is that they present speculation as facts. There is a huge difference between the two.

While I do believe that we have been and are being visited by aliens, I don’t think that pyramids in themselves are proof of aliens. If someone wants to believe something bad enough then they will see it. I think that is what has happened with the “Ancient Aliens” theory about pyramids. These people get tunnel vision and start stretching facts to make their findings match their theories.

I do think that ancient man witnessed aliens and UFOs just like we do today. These people probably did think that these aliens were gods. It is possible that they built pyramids to worship these gods. This is the only way that I can relate pyramids to aliens.

There was no giant, worldwide conspiracy where aliens dropped blueprints of pyramids out of the skies. I have a hard time believing that there was a long-forgotten, global use of energy. The idea that pyramids were power plants is a stretch. At best. While past and present artifacts show an alien presence on Earth, they seem to keep mostly to themselves. We seem to share this planet with aliens but for some unknown reason, they like to keep themselves hidden from us as much as possible.

I can’t say for sure that aliens didn’t have anything to do with the creation of some pyramids. What I am saying is that there are massive holes in the so-called facts that “Ancient Aliens” tries to use to make their argument. It is important to be open-minded but that does not mean that we should make facts match our theories. That is not how you get to the truth.

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