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I never thought that there would be a day when I would say that I believe in Bigfoot. Here it goes. I believe in Bigfoot. I am not alone either. Many people believe in Bigfoot. I’m not just talking about crazy conspiracy theorists either. There are many other intellectuals and scientists who are believers also. There are many people who have even devoted their entire lives to the subject.

Coming to believe in Bigfoot did not happen overnight for me. It was a process. The first thing that I had to do was to learn to look at the world from a less close minded point of view. I was raised in a very conservative family. I was taught to look at life logically. As a kid I was never allowed to believe in Santa Claus, Easter Bunny, or anything else along those lines. My parents never talked much about things such as aliens and Bigfoot but it was always understood that they were just as fake as the Easter Bunny. I always thought that people who believed in Bigfoot are idiots. For the longest time I would not even entertain the idea that Bigfoot is real. I could not have been more wrong.

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We Do Not Know Everything

I always believed that people had a pretty good grasp on what existed on Earth. Mainstream science was almost a religion to me. I always thought that if Bigfoot did exist then we would have undeniable, physical proof by now. If scientists can find something as small as an atom then how can they miss a creature as large as Bigfoot? After all, we have full skeletons of creatures that went extinct millions of years ago. I held on to these beliefs for decades.

The main reason that I changed my mind about the existence of Bigfoot is because of the vast amount of people that have seen it. Even of only a small amount of these people have really seen the creature, it still means that Bigfoot is real. All of these people can not be delusional or lying.

What Is Bigfoot?

The first question that we have to answer when talking about Bigfoot is what is the creature exactly. The main reason that many people don’t believe in it is because they have a misunderstanding of exactly what Bigfoot is. Like I used to, people think of Bigfoot as a primate that is between a monkey and a man on the food chain. This is the first misconception we have to destroy in order to come to the truth on the subject.

In order for Bigfoot to exist it must be much smarter than the average primate. They may even be smarter than humans. I know that this might sound crazy at first but it is true. They are not just a bunch of dumb animals traipsing through the woods.

One reason that we may not be able to catch Bigfoot is that they possess advanced technology like cloaking devices or transporters. Many people have witnessed one of these creatures dissappear right in front of them. These technologies could be how they accomplish this trick.

The Real Alien Bigfoot

You might wonder how Bigfoot could possess these advanced technologies. The first possibility is that Bigfoot is not from this Earth. It makes complete sense that it could be an alien visiting from another part of the Universe. We have to look at the Bigfoot and alien phenomenons as one single subject. If it helps, just imagine that Bigfoot is like a Wookie from the Star Wars movies.

I have always believed that aliens existed. When I first started studying the paranormal I focused completely on that subject. Eventually I came to realize that spirits, Bigfoot and the alien phenomon are not completely separate fields of study. They overlap in many areas. People also often get one confused for another. For example, someone might think that their house is haunted by ghosts when they are actually being visited by aliens. It is completely plausible that Bigfoot is an advanced alien that has a hidden UFO on the other side of the hill where he was seen.

Alien Bigfoot

Many people believe that humans were created by aliens. They think that aliens manipulated the D.N.A. of a creature that were already on Earth to create us. Maybe Bigfoot is our genetic parent. Maybe they used their own D.N.A. to create us and now they are checking on their experiment. This would explain why we look so much like them.

The Bigfoot, Yeti, Sasquatch, Ohio Grassman, Dogman, Mothman, Slender Man etc.could all be different types of aliens. I do not think that it is that simple but it is interesting to think about.

Some people believe that Bigfoot is not even a flesh and blood creature. They may be an ancient spirit that can travel between different realms. They may not die at all. This would explain why we never find their fossils.

Why Is There No Proof Of Bigfoot?

It is still possible for Bigfoot to exist even if it is a terrestrial native of planet Earth. Mainstream scientists will claim that if this is true then we should have found some type of remains by now. This is the argument that I used to use before I believed.

You have to remember that Bigfoot is much smarter than you probably assume that it is. They might take great care of their dead. There is a vast amount of land all over the world where they could bury their dead relatives without us discovering them. There is an incredible amount of land that has not yet been touched by man. They are not a dumb animal that just leaves the dead where they died at.

Other possibilities for Bigfoot’s missing remains are that they cremate their dead or their bones are made of some material that degrades quickly. This might sound strange but it is still possible. It is important to stay open minded.

I hope that this article has helped you understand the Bigfoot phenomenon a little better. As you can tell there are still many questions that we need to answer on the subject. The first step is deciding that they are real. Do not let other people tell you what to believe. At one time everyone knew that the Earth was flat and that the Sun revolved around it. People are not as smart as they think that they are. We like to think that we know everything about our planet but that is not true. Thinking that we know it all makes us feel safe. If you want to know the truth then you have to step out of the safety zone. Never forget. The truth matters!



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