UFO over Italy

Best UFO Fighter Jet Video Ever

This extraordinary UFO video shows a saucer shaped UFO being escorted by two fighter jets over Italy. This video is not new but I came across it again lately and it intrigued me again as it always has. This video either shows undeniable proof of flying saucers or it is a great fake.

Some people say that there is no way that someone went through the trouble to make such a great looking fake. Well, remember the alien autopsy video which we all fell for and later found out it was fake? The computer animation ability to create this video did exist when the UFO video was first released. It is possible that a bored computer science student made this video. I’m not saying that it is a fake I am just saying that it is hard to tell for sure.

Either way, this video does not show proof of aliens existence. Unfortunately. It would be nice if their was a grey alien waving out of a window but of course we aren’t that lucky. Even if this video is real there could be a human pilot inside of the flying saucer.

What do you think? Is this video proof of flying saucers or is it a great fake? Let us know.

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