Chances Are Good That You Have Witnessed A UFO

People always assume that witnessing an alien ship or a UFO is some kind of extremely dramatic experience. A close encounter with a UFO or an alien is life-changing. The fact is that these types of close encounters only make up a small part of UFO sightings. Would you believe me if I told you that you yourself have probably witnessed a UFO without even realizing it? Almost everyone on Earth has seen an alien vessel at one point in time or another.

Most UFO Sightings Are Not Very Impressive

Our main goal at this website is to post UFO and alien sighting events. The reason that we do this is that we want everyone to know how often the Earth really is getting visited by aliens. We receive many reports but we don’t post most of them. Many UFO sighting reports are little more than someone noticing a strange-looking star or a quick flash across the sky. These sightings aren’t exciting enough to write an entire article on them not to mention our website would be downgraded for spamming.

There is no point in investigating most of these events because the object is long gone before we can get there. When it comes to UFO and alien sightings we mostly have to rely on eyewitness testimony for proof. While I do realize that there are many liars in the world, I still believe that most people are honest. The people that are making stuff up are usually easy to spot.

These low profile UFO sightings happen every single day. The only conclusion that we can make from this is that aliens are constantly flying around the Earth and that their presence is not a rare event. Aliens may never even leave the planet. If we are right then anyone who has spent any time looking at the sky has seen a UFO whether they realize it or not!

The next time that you look up into the night’s sky think about this fact. Any number of those twinkling lights in the sky could really be an alien UFO. A light doesn’t have to do anything extraordinary to be something other than a star or a planet. It doesn’t have to move or change colors. These crafts can easily blend into the night sky or mask themselves.

Light Filled Sky
As you look at the sky can you say for sure that all the lights are natural? No one can know that!

People always want to know how there could be so many aliens in the sky without us noticing. First off, we do notice them. That is the entire reason that this website exists. Second, aliens are so much smarter and more advanced than we are that they have no trouble fooling us or our technology. Humans are so used to thinking that we are the smartest beings in the Universe. Unfortunately, we aren’t the most advanced life form around and that thought actually makes us easier to fool.

The Truth Is That We Are All Connected To Aliens

I constantly have to remind people that you don’t have to believe something for it to be true. The truth is the truth is the truth! Arguing a fact doesn’t make it any less true. Denying a fact doesn’t mean that it is wrong. We can choose to ignore the truth but we absolutely can not change the truth.

Many UFO and alien researchers have worked hard to prove that we aren’t alone on this planet. Aliens have influenced mankind for thousands of years. UFOs visit the Earth every day. Not only are these things happening but they are occurring on a much bigger scale than most people ever realized. Aliens have influenced your life. You more than likely have seen a UFO. Believe it or not!


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