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Coronavirus Where Did It Come From

The Coronavirus has touched every person all over the globe. It seems like its effects will never end. One of the first things that I wanted to know is where did the Coronavirus come from. It seemed to come out of nowhere to turn all of our lives upside down. Like usual, mainstream scientists claim to have the answer. They tell us that it came from snakes. The truth is that scientists don’t know for sure where the virus really came from. If you are willing to take your head out of the sand then you can read our idea on the subject.

Coronavirus masks
Coronavirus changes our routines in ways we never thought possible.

There is an scientific theory called Panspermia. It basically states that living microorganisms travel to the Earth by meteorites, asteroids, comets etc. These objects are where most, if not all, of the life on Earth came from. (Another subject that mainstream science can only guess about). This theory is disputed by some scientists while others believe that it makes perfect sense.

Alien virus on meteorites
Life can exist even in deep space.

Much of the material on Earth, including all of its water, came from outer space using this method. We already know that organisms can survive in space. It is not a big stretch to believe that life travels to Earth carried by these extraterrestrial travelers as well. Trillions of microorganisms can travel on one comet. They hibernate and wait for their chance to come back to life.

The Coronavirus Came From The Stars

We believe that the Coronavirus travelled to Earth on a meteorite. We think that this is how many unexplained viruses get here. About a month before the virus was first detected there was a major meteor shower over China. Some of these meteorites may have made it to Earth carrying our new enemy virus. Our only question at this point is was this virus sent here on accident or is there more to it then that.

One of the theories that goes along with Panspermia is called Directed Panspermia. This theory states that these life carrying meteorites not only come to our planet but they are sent to the Earth purposely by an intelligent life form. Using this method aliens can send life all over the Universe without having to take it there themselves. Basically, they use asteroids to cart their science experiments wherever they want.

Why Would Aliens Give Us The Coronavirus?

You might wonder why aliens would want to send a virus to Earth. Well probably for same reason that we give rats viruses. To study how it reacts to humans. Maybe they use humans to create vaccines or other drugs beneficial to their own species. Another possibility is that aliens send viruses to Earth for darker reasons.

Many scientists believe that aliens watch over the Earth protecting it as if it belongs to them. It is possible that they send viruses here to help thin out our population. This would explain why the virus hit China first. China is very over populated and they cause more pollution then any other country on Earth. If I wanted to clean up the planet by thinning out the population this is where I would start. UFO researchers believe that aliens will protect the Earth from anything. Including humans.

You might read this article and think that it sounds like a lot of craziness. I think that if you allow yourself to open your mind then you will see that it makes perfect sense. Where did the Coronavirus come from? Outer space. Just like many, many other materials. We may never know if it was sent here on purpose or not. One way we might be able to tell is by watching the number of alien abductions reported during this time. A spike in abductions would show that aliens are interested in studying the effects that the virus had on humans or they are harvesting their specimens from our bodies. I wish that we could just come out and ask them but of course life is never that simple.

Keep your minds open and your eyes in the sky.

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