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Crop Circles: What Are They?

Crop circle formations are one of the most amazing phenomenons on Earth today. It’s easy to listen to popular opinion and write them off as a hoax. There is a problem with that tho. When you really look into them, it is hard to imagine how men with boards could make such shapes in tall crops. Obviously, some crop circles can be made by men but not always.

Creating Crop Circle Formations Is Hard Work!

When I was a kid we lived on an old farm. We let our neighbors harvest the hay on our property for their cattle. At times the hay would get as high as my neck. Well before the grass would get that high, it would get to the point where I couldn’t walk through it. I was about 11 at the time, but I was a big kid. I couldn’t walk through the hay at 3 feet tall. I can only imagine how hard it would be to smash it down. If you really want to know how hard it is to make a crop circle then go into a nearby field and try it. I have. I took a board and string to a hay field near my house. I was worn out before I made it 20 feet. Also, my line looked like crap!

Bored Mathematicians With Free Time And Sticks?

Not only would making a crop circle take a lot of stamina, but you would also have to be a Mathematician in order to make such complex shapes. A lot of these circles use advanced geometry. Some have binary messages embedded in them. I don’t think that most country folks know these things. I seriously doubt they would let someone else destroy their crops either.

All of this means that there must be some seriously bored Mathematicians out there. It would take many people to make one of these crop circles in one night. Just measuring the design for the circle would take most of the night. I just don’t see it. It wouldn’t be worth their time! Especially when you realize that these designs would take several days to make.

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Scientists study a crop cirlc looking for clues of how it was made.

If Not Man Then What Are Crop Circles?

This is where we get into speculation. We can agree that some of these Crop Circles are too complex for men to make but that doesn’t help us know who did make them. There are many theories about how they are formed. I think that many are credible. At least a few are possible. I think that it’s important to remember at this point that I should look at problems from all angles.

Aliens Space Ships Could Be Making Some Impressions

This is one theory about how crop circles are formed. Some people think that crop circles are formed when a UFO takes off or lands. I could see this happening with some of the smaller and less advanced crop circles. I can’t really wrap my head around how a UFO engine, or landing gear, could create the more complex designs. If crop circles are made by UFOs then it can’t be an accident.

Many crop circle witnesses report seeing light orbs flying around the field. Some people believe that these orbs are an energy source from another dimension or world. It has been proposed that these lights and circles are a way of advanced beings to communicate. Some crop circles have appeared with binary code in them which adds to this possibility. There is a disagreement about who these beings are trying to communicate with. Are they trying to talk to us or are they trying to talk to each other?

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Alien Artwork?

Some people believe that crop circles are basically just aliens having fun. It appears that aliens don’t want to come straight out and show us their presence, but they do seem to like giving us hints. They could enjoy making the shapes in the fields and then watching us run around trying to figure them out. Similar to the way some humans like to toy with animals. They could also be making these shapes simply because they enjoy art. Humans enjoy art so it only makes sense that aliens might as well.

Other people believe that aliens make crop circles in order to send messages. These messages could be for the aliens themselves or they could be sending humans messages. Binary codes have been found in some of these crop formations but I worry that these may just be hoaxes. When an alien artifact is that obvious it is important to scrutinize it. I don’t know why people enjoy creating hoaxes so much. I guess that some people have nothing better to do.

Crop Circles: Our Conclusion

Like most things in life, the truth about crop circles is somewhere in the grey area. There are many different types of crop circles so there are many different probable causes. Some are surely made by people as a hoax. This is when I like to remember that a few bad apples don’t ruin a bunch. Even if most crop circles are hoaxes that doesn’t mean that they all are!

At one time I myself thought that all crop circles were man-made. I changed my mind pretty quickly when I seriously looked into the subject. Many crop circles have been witnessed by people forming spontaneously. Are all of these people just liars? There is no way that some of these designs were made in one night. Where there is smoke; if it looks like a duck; etc. I believe that crop circles are a true unexplained phenomenon and should be treated as such.





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