Eternal Life Is Inevitable: How People Will Live Forever


People have always been searching for the secret to eternal life. If there is one thing that all of us humans share, it’s the desire to keep living. Not wanting to die is only natural for every living creature. What you may not realize is that one day humans will be able to live forever.

There are several ways that eternal life could be achieved.

Medical Advancement Lead to Eternal Life

There is a movie called “Jupiter Ascending” that’s plot revolves around advanced humans which have found a way to live basically forever. They harvest planets full of people which they use to create a chemical that regenerates their cells. While the movie isn’t great, the plot isn’t as far feched as one might think.

The medical path to eternal life will be slow but it has already started. The average person already lives way longer than they used to. The only problem is that it doesn’t matter how many diseases we cure if we can’t find the cure to aging. Curing a disease only temporarily puts off death, it doesn’t create eternal life.

At a certain point our cells stop reproducing the way that they always have causing them to become weaker and defective. We are all basically born with a timer counting down to the inevitable day when our bodies say “I’ve had enough” causing us to fall over dead. This timer is a gaurantee that we won’t live past a certain age even if we manage to avoid all other disease.

I like to do what Einstein called thought experiments (I actually don’t have a choice, my brain does them on its own). During these experiments I wonder what humans will be like in a thousand years. If we continue on the path we are going then I have no doubt that medical science will figure out how to trick our bodies into stopping the timer that counts down to our deaths. It may involve stem cells or some completely new technology, but it will happen! If we can convince our bodies that they are only 20 years old when they are actually 80 then they should continue to function at a higher level.

I don’t know if this is a good idea or not. I don’t know how or when it will happen. Also, I assume that the procedure will be very expensive so it will only be for the super rich. At some point, money will be able to purchase eternal life. Rich people already live longer than the poor due to better medical care so it’s not that big of a change. Some things will probably never change for the better. I can’t imagine a time when this option will be available to everyone.

The two greatest medical achievements will be when we find a cure to aging and when we find out how to replace sleep. No one understands what happens to our brains as we sleep, but given enough time we will figure it out. Imagine how much we could achieve if we didn’t need to sleep!

We Could Use Electronics To Live Forever

Medical science may never evolve to the point where it can keep our entire bodies alive forever. No fear though because we really only need our brains to stay alive in order to keep our consciousness. Our bodies are designed to support our brains. If we find the way to keep our brains alive forever, we then could attach them to a robot body. Some real life “Robocop” type technology.

You may think that this sounds crazy but scientists are already working on connecting human brains to synthetic body parts. People without arms will soon be able to use robotic arms that are connected to their nervous systems. This technology is in its infancy still. These kinds of advancements are slow to become fully functioning but it is only a matter of time. As we learn more about how our brains work, technology like this will only become easier. In a few hundred years we will be able to control electronics with our brains which will basically extend our bodies as far as we want. We will be able to turn on our washers and dryers by only thinking about it. The further this technology advances, the less we will need our real bodies.

Human Cyborg

At some point our natural bodies will be completely unnecessary. They will actually become a burden because they will still require food but we won’t need them for anything. I can imagine a future where we discard our natural bodies at a certain age, trading them in for electronic ones. This would probably be done in our 20s. A developing brain may still need a body to form correctly. This is just a guess obviously.

Can Uploading Out Consciousness Be Eternal Life?

Some scientists have proposed the idea that we will one day be able to digitally upload our consciousness. I’m not exactly sure how this would work. I assume that they would first have to build a computer which mimics a human brain. That computer would have to work exactly like a brain. It would need an electric connection for every neural connection that we have in our real brains.

This would be a really complicated project. Each computer would not only have to mimic a human brain, but each brain is different so each computer would have to be different. The computer would then have to be programmed to process information in the same way that the brain that is being uploaded into it.

Mind uploading
Article on Mind Uplaoding

Is It Even Possible To Program A Computer To Duplicate A Brain?

I have several problems with the idea of uploading our consciousness into a computer being considered a viable concept for eternal life. The first problem that I have with it is how ridiculously complicated it would be. Making a computer mimic a human brain is one thing but making it mimic a specific brain is another. The amount of time and money that it would take to make such a thing possible makes it a pointless endeavor. It would probably take more time to complete than the rest of the ideas put together.

The second problem that I have with this idea is that it isn’t really living forever. Even if scientists could somehow achieve this nearly impossible feet, it wouldn’t be a person inside the machine. It would be an electronic copy of a person. The real person will be dead just like anyone else. The computer might seem like it’s that person to everyone else that is still alive. It may be able to process information the same way that the person it copied did but it still wouldn’t be that person.

Any way you look at it, it’s just not a realistic idea. I know that there are scientists investigating this idea, but I don’t know why. It is literally impossible to achieve this idea which makes it pointless.

 The Moral Implications Of Living Forever

I can’t see the future so I don’t know exactly how people will be able to live forever. All I know is that it is inevitable that we will find the solution to death one day. As medicine and electronics converge, the answer is bound to come from someone. It will be long after you and I are gone so it won’t really matter to us. It may be ten thousand years from now. The only thing that could stop this achievement is if all humans die out somehow or we have a major setback in our ability to advance our technology. An asteroid could hit the Earth killing most of humanity causing us to be set back to the stone age. We are always on the verge of a nuclear war or environmental catastrophe whether we like to think about it or not. If one of these events happened it would be like turning back the clock on humanity.

How Eternal Life Would Impact Population Control

One concern about humans finding the key to living forever is how it would affect Earth’s population. Since this advancement will be so far in the future, population problems will probably already exist by then. I would assume that by this time people have learned how to live forever they will have already found an answer to population growth problems. By then we will have a massive colony on Mars as well as other places. It could be humans living on Mars that come up with the technology for us to live forever. Like I stated before. This technology will only be for the super rich anyways (at least at first) so there probably won’t be a huge number of people that have access anyways.

I am not one of the people that is against the idea of living forever. I wish that we were closer to developing this technology so that I could take advantage of it. All I know is that given enough time, people will have the technology to live forever. This will change the shape of humanity forever. Humans will be more like gods than people at that point!