The New GMC Hummer Electric Truck: The Behemoth Returns

The entire world was introduced to the new GMC Hummer Electric Truck last night during the Super Bowl. The original Hummer came into existence by the combination of the 1980s excess idea that bigger is better, a movie star, and the military. Arnold Schwarzenegger fell in love with the military’s M998 Humvee while shooting one of his movies. He began pushing the company for a civilian model. In 1992 the Hummer was finally sold to the public and Arnold purchased the first two.

The first H1 model Hummers were sold from $53,000 to over $100,000. This was a lot of money for a car in 1992. These vehicles were basically the same as the military’s version. AM General added some creature comforts such as doors, air conditioning, and electric windows. These trucks were popular despite their 12mpg city gas mileage and despite the fact that the H1 could barely fit on a street. In 1992 everyone wanted to be like Arnold Schwarzenegger so anyone that could afford a Hummer bought one.

army hummer truck
The military version of the Hummer.

In 2002 Hummer came out with its H2 model. This vehicle was built on a “smaller” full-sized truck frame. With a list price of over $50,000, these vehicles were not cheap. They quickly became popular with “soccer moms” that really had no need for them. Hummers became equated to “land yachts”. The people that owned them had no real need for such a large vehicle. They were expensive to buy and maintain. Heads turned when people saw them driving down the road. Hummers became a status symbol.

Can The Electric Hummer Truck Revive The Name?

A perfect storm of problems forced Hummer out of business in the 2000s. The economy crashed causing people to stop buying these unnecessary, behemoth, eccentric vehicles. People began worrying more about climate change and started shaming Hummer owners. GM bought the Hummer name but they decided that the company was no longer viable so they decided not to make any more of them. We all thought that Hummers were a thing of the past. Apparently we were wrong.

Rumors began circulating in 2019 that GMC was going to make a new electric Hummer truck. In early 2020 these rumors were confirmed. We don’t know much about this new electric Hummer Truck yet. According to a statement, GMC says the electric pickup truck will produce 1,000 horsepower and 11,500 pound-feet of torque and be able to accelerate from 0 to 60 mph in 3 seconds. These are impressive numbers from a performance standpoint.

What I wonder is why GMC thinks that anyone wants a Hummer anymore, electric or not. The survival of the fittest isn’t an idea limited to biological life. Hummers came, lived for a while and then were taken out to slaughter. Hasn’t the world already spoken that it doesn’t want Hummers? Are they going to bring back Saturns next? Those were great cars lol.

I am not an expert on electric vehicles, but I can figure some things out on my own. I know that electricity has to be created by something. It doesn’t end up in car batteries by magic. Electric cars use electricity the way gas vehicles use gas. A 1000 hp electric Hummer Truck will need a lot of electricity in order to run. This is just common sense.

How much will your electric bill increase by driving an electric Hummer? The electricity that comes into our houses comes from power plants. If the electricity you use at home is created by a power plant that uses fossil fuels then are you really helping the environment any? Does it matter if you burn gas or use electricity form a power plant that burns oil or coal? Do people take these variables into consideration when they brag about driving an electric car? 64.5% of worldwide electricity is made using fossil fuels. If any of that electricity goes into your electric car then you are still hurting the environment.

Just A Publicity Stunt

The only reason that I can think of tor GMC creating this new Hummer Electric Truck is for a publicity stunt. The market has already spoken about the need for Hummers. Sure, some people will buy them, but I seriously doubt that they will be big sellers. GMC just wants to show that they can make a 1000 hp electric truck. Good job guys. You did it. You spent $millions creating a vehicle that no one wants or needs. The economy is better now then it was when Hummers bit the dust so maybe there is a small market for them. Small being the key word. It may have been a better idea to just let Hummers be an icon of the past. I guess this is the GMC version of the Ford Thunderbird. Why waste time coming up with new ideas when you can just rehash past ones that failed once already?