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UFO Activity Over England

Someone asked me once why there seems to be so many more UFO sightings in the United States than anywhere else. While this may seem to be true, the fact is that there is equal UFO activity all over the world. One of the places where we receive many reports and great videos from is the U.K., especially London, England. UFOs seem very interested in England.

One reason it seems that there is more UFO activity in the U.S. is because of how the media works. If you live in America then you are going to get more information focused on this area. The news, T.V. shows and even internet searches are based on the location where you live. This means that if you live in the United States then it will seem like most UFO sightings occur there. If you Google UFO sightings in English, in America, then obviously you aren’t going to get listings for websites from China.

Another reason that there seems to be more UFO activity in America is that there is a large number of people fascinated with the phenomenon there. Companied make T.V. shows and news reports that people want to watch. The popularity of shows like “Ancient Aliens” has launched an entire generation of Alien believers and enthusiasts. Americans have been fascinated with the subject since before the country was even founded. UFO sightings have occured there since settlers first set up towns.

England’s UFO History

One of the most credible UFO sightings in history came from England. This sighting happened at Rendelsham Forest in December of 1980. This UFO sighting is often called the British Roswell. Several soldiers that were stationed at the RAF Woodbridge witnessed a UFO in the woods over 2 different nights. The soldiers that came forward with this sighting are very believable. If you have never heard of this sighting then I recommend looking into it. There are many stories written about it so we aren’t going to go any further into it.

If you look around the internet you can find many great UFO videos from England. The ones we listed are some of our favorites. The first one listed is in my top 5 favorite UFO videos of all time. I don’t know how anyone can watch these videos and duspute the fact that UFOs exist. How do people continue to deny something that is documented on video? Why don’t these videos make the mainstream news programs? I smell shadow government! Some people even pushed the Queen to release evidence of UFOs they believed the government is hiding.


Historic Video About UFOs in the UK


Our thanks to all the Brits keeping their eyes in the sky. Let us know way your favorite UFO sighting is.

UFO sighting reported to us from England:



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