How Alien Technology has Changed the World

Ever since the Roswell Crash in 1947, people have believed that we borrowed alien technology for our own. This is exactly what we would do if we captured alien technology. We do it with technology captured from other countries.

What technology did we get from the aliens? How has it changed our lives? Did aliens let us have this technology on purpose?

Alien Technology: Accident or Gift From Above

I watched a show one time about alien encounters in which they were talking about a close encounter with a UFO. In this encounter a jet was chasing a UFO. The two crafts simultaneously fired at each other causing them both to crash.

The problem that I have with this story is the fact that a jet was able to shoot down a UFO. While a jet fighter has amazing technology, it would be nowhere near that of an alien space ship. The UFO would have known that the jet was there way before the jet would have known that they UFO was there. Not to mention that UFOs can fly faster than rockets. The entire story just seems fishy to me.

My point is that UFOs are incredibly hard to bring down. I seriously doubt that we could shoot one down. I also think that it would be extremely rare for one to crash. UFOs visit the Earth all of the time without crashing. If one did crash on accident then other aliens would probably confiscate it. It would also probably have some kind of technology that would keep it from being accessed by us. For these reasons (and others), I think that the Roswell UFO crash was done on purpose. The aliens knew that we would reverse engineer their technology. Basically, they were giving us a way to advance our technology at a much faster pace.

Why Didn’t Technology Take Off Faster

When it comes to the topic of reverse engineered alien technology, I always hear one main argument. People want to know why technology didn’t take off really fast in the 50s if we already had the UFO. Why did most of our technology take off in the 80s and 90s?

There is a very simple explanation for this. When the UFO crashed in 1948 we didn’t even have the technology to understand it. We first had to create the technology that is necessary to take apart the UFO before we could copy it. Think about it like this. Imagine if an average person came across a nuclear power plant and was asked to recreate it. It would take him decades to do so. Even if he had hundreds of other people helping him. This would be like the best human scientists coming across a UFO. Aliens are way smarter than we are. Obviously. So their technology would be too.

The Three Inventions That Shaped Our Technology

Over the last 50 years or so there have been countless advancements in technology. If you really look at it, all of these advancements wouldn’t be possible without three inventions. These three surely came from alien technology. Without them we would still have electronics the size of furniture.

The Microchip

The microchip is the core component of all of our technology. Before this invention computers took up entire rooms. Remember T.V. and radio tubes (I’m not too old but they were still around when I was little)? Without the microchip we would have no cell phones, laptops, tablets, flat screen T.V.s, modems, routers, air bags etc. The list is almost endless.

The UFO recovered at Roswell was filled with micro-processors. They may have been made with materials that we don’t have access to though. Our version is not as advanced at theirs, but it’s super high tech to us.


You may have taken a computer or smart phone apart and seen some chips inside. Maybe you thought to yourself,”well that doesn’t look so complicated”. That’s where you would be wrong. The “chip” you are looking at is only the outer case. Inside that case are thousands of circuits that you can barely see. The amount of data that modern computers can process is mind-boggling.


Kids today love using smart phones. Mine sleep with their phones. I look at them and think about how they love using this technology yet they have no idea how it works. They don’t know what it was like using a dial up modem. I remember when it took minutes for a single web-page to load. Without fiber-optic cables covering our entire country, we would still be waiting forever to use the WWW. Smart phones wouldn’t exist at all.

We have all heard of fiber-optics, mainly from cable T.V. commercials, but do you ever think about how amazing this technology is? Being a website administrator, I think about it often. Whenever I run page speed diagnostics I am amazed at all that happens in a few seconds. You have dozens of queries going on behind the scenes of every page that is loaded. All possible by fiber-optics.

Whenever I think about how fiber-optics works, I can hardly believe that it’s possible. It basically works by data being broken down into light pulses. These pulses travel at nearly the speed of light to their destination. When the pulses get there they have to be translated back into a language that a computer can understand. This entire process happens in milliseconds. Completely incredible! All of the wiring in an alien UFO would have used this technology. The first people that saw it probably couldn’t even imagine the importance it would have.

The Backbone Of All Electronics

If the microchip is the brains of electronics then the battery is the heart. Battery technology used to be horrible. I had an early model cell phone (the brick) which had a huge battery. This battery would only last a few hours even if I wasn’t using it. My parents had a bag phone when I was a little kid. It was literally a cell phone that looked like a soft briefcase. It had to be this size just to make room for the battery. I could go on with many examples but my point is that batteries used to really suck. This was not even that long ago!

Bag phone
Early 90s Bag Phone

Mobile technology can only advance as far as the batteries that power them. Many people never think about this. Electric cars wouldn’t exist without these advanced batteries either. UFOs are filled with advanced energy storage platforms. The batteries we use now are just the best reproductions we could come up with. The next great human inventions will have to come with the next great battery.

Just Think About It

I have obviously not had access to the crashed UFO that was recovered at Roswell. I have no doubt that it really happened. Even the Air Force admitted to it before they realized the implications. It really comes down to a simple idea. Our technology advanced more in a few decades than it did in the thousands of years before the crash. Either this is the biggest coincidence ever or we used the UFO to advance our own technology. What seems more plausible to you?

The three technological advances that I covered in this article are only a few of what were probably made because of alien technology.

What do you think the most important advances in technology are? Comment below.


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