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How UFOs Fly: Gravity Drive

We learn many things when we compare all of the UFO sighting reports that are submitted every day. One thing that we always notice is that these crafts don’t fly using conventional technology as we know it. They don’t have propellers and they don’t have jet engines or rockets either. UFOs seem to glide through the air effortlessly. They accelerate and maneuver in ways that our aircraft could never dream of. The consensus among UFO researchers is that most UFOs fly by using a gravity distortion drive.


What Is A Gravity Distortion Drive?

According to NASA; If you could control gravity or inertial forces, you would have a propulsion breakthrough (thrusting without rockets), a means to create synthetic gravity environments for space crews, a means to create a zero-gravity environment on Earth.

What they are saying is if we can learn how to control gravity then we would be able to do many amazing things. Another thing that this is saying is that NASA is interested in gravity drives (or engines). These engines are the next logical step in humans propulsion technology. Technology evolves just like biological life does. When you connect the dots you will see that humans will one day be able to distort gravity to our advantage. If you factor in the fact that aliens are way more evolved then we are, you come to the conclusion that aliens have mastered this technology to control gravity.

A gravity engine works by controlling where and how much gravity is put on an object (space shuttle, body, etc.). When you take the gravity away from a UFO it makes it float in the sky like a balloon. You can change altitude by adding or taking away the amount of gravity on the craft. If you want to change direction then you just warp the gravity in the direction that you want to go causing it to move like a helicopter but much faster. Gravity pulls on one side of the UFO while it pushes on the other side. Once this technology is mastered, you can make an aircraft move in any direction that you want it to.

If you are having trouble with this concept then think about it like this. Imagine that a gravity drive creates a bubble around a UFO. Making the bubble thicker in some areas and thinner in others makes it move in the desired direction. 


Another great outcome of these gravity engines is that they also help control g-forces inside the UFO. G-force is the pressure put on your body when it’s moving and then suddenly accelerates or changes directions. The feeling comes from the Earth’s gravity pulling on your body as you move. The word is literally derived from how gravity forces affect matter.

Humans can only handle so many g-forces so we assume that any extraterrestrial biological life would have the same problem. UFOs maneuver in such ways that the g-forces would be life-ending unless the gravity drive is counteracting these forces. This is how UFOs fly the way that they do without killing the aliens inside.

Eye Witness Accounts Back This Theory Up

We didn’t just pull the idea of gravity drives out of thin air. Many scientists have come forward talking about how the U.S. Government has UFOs containing these drives in their possession. They are currently working on reverse-engineering these engines.

Bob Lazar is a scientist that claimed to work on this technology at Area 51. He believes that the UFOs came from the Roswell crash. Ben R. Rich, brilliant scientist, aeronautical engineer and Father of Stealth also claims that he worked on this UFO gravity drive technology. He was a very high ranking employee at Lockheed Martin. This company is known for working on highly advanced, classified,  propulsion devices for the government. They created the SR-71 Blackbird among other things.

The witnesses that have come forward with these confessions about alien gravity engines are highly reliable people. The two that we listed are just examples. Many more people claim to have seen this technology first hand. Even if these witnesses hadn’t come forward, we would still assume that UFOs fly by using a gravity distortion device, but they help reinforce the idea.

How Do UFOs Fly In Outer Space?

The one question that I wonder is how UFOs fly in outer space using gravity drives? If the gravity drive uses distorted gravity to propel the spacecraft then would it still work in deep space where gravity is weak? There is surely some amount of gravity in most areas of space, but I don’t know if it would be enough to create the energy needed to make a UFO fly. I am not a physicist by any means, unfortunately.

When it comes to flying through deep space, I assume that UFOs’ gravity engines can create wormholes. Flying across the Universe would take too much time otherwise. Even with a warp drive. Wormhole generators are the only plausible device that could make traveling such long distances possible. The only other option is freezing oneself to survive the years that travel would take if the spacecraft can’t break light speed.

UFOs Fly Using Many Different Technologies

We don’t assume that all UFOs use gravity drives to fly. Just like vehicles on Earth, UFOs probably have various types of engines. Different species of aliens probably use different technologies. It is also likely that UFOs use different propulsion devices depending on the situation. They might use one engine when flying close to the ground and then use another for flying in deep space. The one thing that we know for sure is that UFOs do fly. There are too many sighting reports made each day for them not to be true.

How Do Alien UFOs Fly?

We believe that most UFOs or flying saucers fly by using a gravity distortion drive. This device is used to manipulate the energy created by gravity in order to maneuver an aircraft.


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