How We Know Aliens do Exist?

Real Aliens and UFOs Exist

If you talk to UFOlogists across the world they all have different ideas of what proves aliens exist. If you watch shows like “Ancient Aliens” (great entertainment btw) then almost anything can be considered proof of aliens. To someone that thinks with logic like I do then the answer is very simple. The simple answer is that based on the math countless alien species HAVE to exist throughout the Universe. If you just look up at the stars and realize that what you see is just a tiny, tiny, tiny part of what exists and that each star could have hundreds of planets and moons orbiting it, then you understand how likely it is that life exists all over the place. It’s simple math really. There are more stars, galaxies, planets, suns and moons then we can even quantify. There could be some form of life on each and every one of them. If there is one thing we keep learning about space it’s that we do not know much about it at all. All we know to look for is life that is similar to what is on Earth. I am not sure if aliens really visit Earth (although I think the chances are high) , I have no doubt that when I stare up at the sky some form of life is staring back at me!

so many alien stars

Physical Proof of Aliens

Nothing would make me happier then to have physical proof of aliens. I am convinced that there is proof out there it is just kept from the public. The government has always tried to control what people know. That’s why they didn’t want slaves to learn how to read because they know knowledge leads to power. I obviously don’t know for sure how much or what kind of evidence is out there and I doubt they are going to let us know anytime soon but I think eventually the truth will come out. Half the population already believes aliens exist without physical proof. The closest thing I have is the fact that I get many credible UFO sightings a day and some come with pretty convincing photos.

If you believe in the “Ancient Alien Theory”, then there is plenty of physical proof of aliens. I don’t subscribe to the entire theory, but I find a lot of it very interesting. I have no doubt that aliens could have visited the Earth in the past and posed as gods.

Why The Government Hides Proof of Alien are Real

Many people argue with me when I suggest the government has hidden proof of aliens. They ask why the government would try and hide such proof if they had it. First as I stated in the last paragraph that the government knows knowledge leads to power and they want to keep their power. Don’t get me wrong, I am not anti-government. They government plays a very important role and I am grateful for them, but they don’t like change (like most people I know). They believe only a certain amount of power exists and the people that already have it want to keep it. This is the main reason they wouldn’t tell us even if they had proof of aliens.

Alien War
The US government hides alien bodies!

Another reason why they wouldn’t want to tell us if if they had proof of aliens is because it could cause a lot of chaos in society. As we have already discussed people do not like change and there is no telling how they would react if they were given undeniable proof that aliens exist and have visited Earth. Personally I think that people wouldn’t react as bad as some might think. I guess it really depends on what we find the aliens intent to be. If they are just visiting out of curiosity or for some harmless reason then people will probably be ok. On the other hand if they are here to cause us harm people would rightfully freak out. If aliens have the technology to visit Earth they probably have the technology to destroy it. I like to think advanced civilizations would not do that put there really is no way to know for sure.

What Can We Learn From This?

Since we have no physical proof of aliens it is really up to each person to decide for themselves to decide what the truth is. For me all I have to do is look at the stars and realize that I can’t even comprehend the size of the Universe. I hope one day this question is answered for good but until then we will keep looking for proof by searching the skies and keep our ears to the ground.

The Five Facts People Forget When They Dismiss Aliens:

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