The Five Main Types Of UFOs

Unidentified Flying Objects (UFOs) come in many different shapes and sizes. Still, some types of UFOs are more common than others. One big difference between UFOs and man-made aircraft seems to be that aliens can make their aircraft in almost any shape and size while man-made aircraft all follow the same principles. Alien propulsion technology allows them to fly many differently shaped objects with seemingly no effort. This article is a list of the five most common types of UFOs reported to us. We listed them in order from most to least common.

Disc Shaped Type Of UFOs

Disc-shaped UFOs (also called flying saucers) are the most common UFOs that are reported to us. This type of UFO dates back as far as the first UFO sighting reports. The Roswell UFO was a flying saucer shape. “UFO” used to be synonymous with flying saucer because that was what people called them before the phrase unidentified flying object was coined.

Any UFO that is round, and at least somewhat flat, is considered to be in this category. Their sizes can vary greatly. They can be anywhere from a few feet long to miles long. Sometimes the disc-ufos have cockpit type bubbles on them while some of them are almost completely flat. Many have been reported with windows on the side or front.

disc type of UFO

Cigar UFOs

Cigar UFOs are long and skinny. They get their name because they look like giant, flying cigars. These UFOs come in many different colors and variations. Some of them have windows and lights while others are completely seamless. Cigar-shaped UFOs can fly either longways or sideways. At night they are often mistaken for several smaller objects that appear to be flying in formation. Some people call this type of UFO cylinder-shaped.

Cigar UFO
This cigar UFO was moving so fast that it is hard to make out.

Triangle Shaped Type Of UFOs

Triangle UFOs are among some of the most common type reported to us. The shape of these UFOs is pretty self-explanatory. They are triangle or arrow-shaped. The star-destroyers on Star Wars would fall into this category. These UFOs probably have the widest amount of shape variables among all the different types of UFOs. Windows, no windows, tall, flat, short. long. lights. no lights. There have been countless different variations of triangle-shaped UFOs reported.

triangle type of UFO
Triangle UFO in the clouds.

Orb UFOs

Orb UFOs are the type that I find the most interesting. They are sometimes referred to as plasma-ufos. Many of them look like balls of light that seem to have no source. It’s as if the light is coming out of nowhere. Other times, they look like the light is a solid. They can be any size and color. Some people believe that orb-shaped UFOs can travel through dimensions because of the way that they move. Often, they disappear in one place only to show back up in another. Orb UFOs seem to be some type of alien drone that is made out of light itself. Reports of these types of craft seem to be rapidly climbing in number. I think that they will soon be the most common type of UFO reported. Orb UFOs usually come in packs. It is rare that only one is seen by itself.

orb UFO
Orb UFOs

Square UFOs

Square UFOs are exactly what they sound like. They are unidentified flying objects that are square-shaped. Just like the triangle-shaped UFOs, they come in many different variations. Some of them are flat and square on the bottom while others look like flying cubes. Most square UFOs tend to be large in size though. They can be as large as a small flying city. I consider rectangle-shaped and square-shaped UFOs to be in the same category. We don’t get enough reports of this type to make two different categories for them.

I hope that you enjoyed our list. What different types of UFOs can you think of?

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