Mars Rover 2020 And The Search For Alien Life

People have always been interested in Mars. Humans always knew that Mars is a special place. Even ancient man realized that Mars was not an ordinary star because of its color and the fact that it isn’t stationary like normal stars. When mankind developed telescopes we realized that Mars was a planet that is very similar to Earth. People have always questioned whether there is life on Mars or not but now we have the technology to answer this question for sure. Make no mistake about it. The Mars 2020 Rover is designed to find alien life. There is no question that the scientists that made this machine expect to find signs of life on Mars. It isn’t its only mission but it is the most important one.

The Mars Rover 2020 Mission

The rocket that will be carrying the Mars 2020 Rover is set to be launched on July 17th to August 5th, 2020. It will touch down on Mars on February 18th, 2021. It is predicted to land in the Jezero Crater. The Mars 2020 Rover’s mission is expected to last one Martian year (687 Earth Days). Most rovers last longer than expected though. The mission could go on for more than a decade. An extraordinary amount of planning and calculations go into making this a precise journey.

NASA tells us that the new Mars Rover is equipped with most of the equipment you would expect. It has advanced cameras and sensors to provide measurements of temperature, wind speed and direction, pressure, relative humidity and dust size and shape. The Rover is designed to study general aspects of Mars as well as look for alien life.

Along with these typical sensors, the Mars Rover 2020 has a really interesting device called MOXIE. This device is the size of a car battery and is designed to make breathable oxygen out or the Marsian Atmosphere. Producing oxygen on Mars is crucial for human exploration of the planet. Our rockets can’t carry enough weight to be loaded up with canisters of oxygen. If the MOXIE device works then it will free up more space for other cargo on the space shuttles. I am really interested in seeing how well this device works.

The Tools The Mars Rover Will Use To Search For Alien Life

Scanning Habitable Environments with Raman & Luminescence for Organics & Chemicals or: SHERLOC is one of the tools on the Mars Rover 2020 that I am most interested in. This tools main job is to look for the signs of microbial life. In other words, alien life is what this sensor is designed to look for. This tool also looks for the organic material that could make up life. Past Mars Rovers have had sensors designed to look for signs of life but none of them have been near as complex as SHERLOC.

Mars Rover Alien Life Tools
The Mars Rover and its many tools.

The Mars Rover 2020 also has a camera called the SuperCam. It uses a laser and spectrometers to seek organic compounds. Organic compounds make up the necessary material for life. The amazing thing about this camera is that it can study materials chemical and mineral makeup from more than twenty feet away. The Mars 2020 Rover isn’t limited to looking for signs of life on the surface though. For the first time, it can take core samples with a newly equipped drill. The Rover can take core samples and examine fossils with this drill. It is very exciting that for the first time in our existence we can look for alien life under the surface of Mars.

Mars Rover 2020 has many more tools than the ones that we talked about. The main point of this article is that the new Rover is loaded up with equipment that is designed to look for alien life. This new rover is just a more advanced version of the last one. Its mission is pretty much the same. All of the Mars Rovers have had two main jobs. The first is to look for life. The second is to study Mars so that humans can one day live there. Some scientists want to study Mars just for the pure curiosity of it but those people are rare. We all want something from our planetary cousin whether we realize it or not.

Scientists Expect To Find Alien Life On Mars

The Mars Rover 2020 mission will cost over 2.4 billion dollars. Its main mission is to look for signs of life. The fact that NASA is willing to spend that much money looking for alien life proves that they expect to find it. Some of the smartest engineers in the world helped design the tools on the Rover. No one in their right mind would spend that much time and money looking for something if they didn’t expect to find it. This means that the smartest people in the world believe in alien life. It also means that NASA and the U.S. Government believe in alien life.

Some people like to point out the fact that even with all of our technology we still haven’t found proof of alien life. They think that with all of our telescopes and satellites that we would have found proof of aliens by now. If they really exist. This is a ridiculous argument. We can only study a very small area of the Universe with our technology. Plus, the search for E.T. is such a large job that it will take a very long time to complete. Many scientists, as well as myself, think that it is only a matter of time until we find alien life. Hopefully, the Mars 2020 Rover will complete this mission. I just hope that if the Rover does find some alien life that NASA is willing to share it with us. Many people already believe that they are hiding proof of alien life from us already.

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Is the Mars Rover 2020 Looking For Aliens?

The new Mars Rover has several tools that will be used to look for past and present signs of life.

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