Michigan Is This Months UFO Hotspot

We always want to know where all of the UFO hotspots are. If we can figure out where UFOs visit the most then we have a better chance of finding out what exactly it is that they want. We looked into the stats for October and we were a little surprised that the state with the most UFO sightings was Michigan. We added up the numbers from our reports, MUFON and several other agencies. The number came to 63 UFO sighting reports in Michigan for the month of October.

The Great Lakes have always been a popular place for UFO sightings so it is no surprise that many of the reports came from Northern Michigan. UFOs use large bodies of water as bases. We have long believed that there is an underwater alien base in the Great Lakes. These UFO sighting reports seem to help support this idea.

The UFOs described covered the entire range of sizes and types. Does that mean that there are multiple species of aliens in the area or does it mean that the same species use different types of crafts? We believe that it is both. Most UFO researchers believe that there are no less than 12 types of aliens that visit Earth. Most of these species have common agendas, therefore, they probably congregate in similar areas. All we know for sure is that the more information that we can gather, the closer we get to the truth. If we all keep at it then it is only a matter of time before full alien disclosure occurs. For now, keep your eyes and mind open and don’t be scared to seek answers. New ideas are always criticized.