More Pyramid Shaped Objects Found On Mars

Some people call the idea of pyramids on Mars a conspiracy theory. I think that these people are a little close-minded. Many times through history new ideas have been laughed at only to be proven true later. The pyramids on Mars will be one of these things.

Scientists already believe that Mars was more Earth-likeĀ in the past. If Mars was capable of sustaining life then it probably did. We aren’t sure how advanced the Martian’s where but they did like to build pyramids.

Mars pyramid by satellite
Pyramid Captured By MRO Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter
Mars twin pyramids by rover
Twin Pyramids Taken By The Mars Rover
Mars Pyramids by Rover
Mars Rover Captures A Sphinx Like Object Surrounded By Pyramids

When you look at images on Mars it is important to remember that the monuments were abandoned many thousands of years ago. We know that we need to do more research to prove that these objects aren’t natural formations. It’s important that we keep an open mind or we may overlook important discoveries. Crazier ideas have later been found to be true. I hope that I live to see the day when we learn the truth about Mars Pyramids.

I don’t agree with everything in the following video but it is interesting.

Youtube Video By Paranormal Crucible