UFO Video Caught By The Navy: UFO Proof Or Hoax

If you pay any attention to UFOs then you have surely heard about these videos by now. These Navy videos show UFOs caught on video by US Jet Fighters. Do they show proof of UFOs or are they just more government misdirection?

Why Would The Government Release UFO Videos

My main problem with these videos is the fact that we have seen them at all. I believe aliens exist. I know that UFOs have encountered fighter jets. You can believe that the government has proof of it. I just can’t help but wonder why they decided to release these videos now. Is someone within the government tired of hiding UFOs from people? Did they release these videos to pacify us? There is no way to know for sure.

I think what happened is that these videos were leaked and then the Navy tried to save face by saying that they released them on purpose. I don’t know why the military would deny knowledge of UFOs for so long and then suddenly change their stance. Maybe someone high up got tired of covering the truth up? I guess I can never know their motives. Maybe I should be happy that they took this step in the right direction.

Why These Videos Have Some Validity

After looking further into these videos, I have a hard time believing that they are made up. There is a lot of corroboration of the events by the pilots and crew of the vessels. These videos are just a small part of a really amazing set of events  which led up to the pilots catching up to the UFOs. I don’t think that these pilots would come forward unless they really believed in what they were saying. Admitting that you have seen a UFO is hard for anyone but it is even harder for someone in the military.

I think that there is no reason that we shouldn’t believe that these videos show proof of UFOs. The eye witness testimony would be enough on its own. Pilot’s know better than anyone what sort of objects are normally in the sky. The objects on these videos where not normal.

One thought on “UFO Video Caught By The Navy: UFO Proof Or Hoax

  1. I think that the go fast video is real. It definitely seems to be a ufo that is flying over the water. You can see at the beginning of it that they are searching for it with the camera.

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