Out of Place Artifacts: What do they Mean?

An out of place artifact is an item uncovered that doesn’t line up with the accepted version of history. This can be a piece of technology, a life form, piece of art etc. These item’s are very controversial. Like most things, there are many different theories about how they came to be or what they are. I want to highlight a few of these artifacts that really catch my attention.

The London Hammer

I know what you are thinking. London is an old city so it surely has plenty of old artifacts. This hammer actually came from London, Texas. Not London England. Native Americans have lived in Texas for thousands of years, but they had no way to make this hammer. The rock this hammer was found in could be 400 million years old!

Jeffrey D Cotton on Youtube Published on Aug 3, 2017.

Hoax or Out of Place Artifact?

This is one of those times where this object is either a very well done hoax, or it is an out of time artifact. I am not sure what the people who found it would gain from making it up. It was eventually sold to a scientist so I guess it was worth some money. Here we have a math problem that says 2+2=5, so there is definitely something strange going on.

Baghdad Battery

The Baghdad Battery is believed to date as far back as 250 BCE. It is a ceramic pot with an iron rod in the center of a concrete cap. The iron rod is surrounded by a copper cylinder.

Baghdad Battery

Who Discovered Electricity?

When I was in school, I was told the story about Benjamin Franklin and his kite. I was led to believe that he was basically the person that “invented” electricity. That is an obviously flawed idea but who could have guessed that ancient people understood electricity? There is no doubt what this artifact is. It’s only purpose could be for the creation of electricity. What people don’t agree on is how these people had the knowledge necessary to make the battery and what it was used for.

Mainstream scientists believe it was used to electroplate metals. These are the same scientists that were wrong about the date of the battery. Ancient Alien Theorists believe that Ancient Man used the batteries to power light bulbs. They believe that this is how they could paint in tombs so far under ground. Mirrors could only be used to produce light for a few hours a day. Torches would have left marks on the ceiling over the art.

Egyptian Light Bulb
Believed to be a carving of a light bulb from Egypt.

People have tested the Baghdad Battery and it can only produce 4 volts of electricity. This isn’t enough to power a light bulb. It would require a much bigger battery to produce light under ground. It could just be a matter of time before we discover one of these larger batteries. This picture is hard to ignore. It looks an awful lot like a light bulb. It’s possible that Ancient Man lost this technology at some point. There are many reasons that could cause this. They may have thought it was too much trouble to produce such a little amount of electricity. We may never know.

We Must Take History For What It Is

These two discoveries are only a few of the out of place artifacts found recently. No matter what you believe, you have to recognize the fact that we really don’t know the full history of man. For all we know, this may be the second or third go around for humans. We could have existed millions of years ago, went extinct, and then came back in one way or another. As far fetched as this theory may sound, anything is possible.



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