Abducted by Aliens

Possible Alien Abduction

We were recently sent an email by someone that believes that they have been abducted by aliens. Like many abductees, his memories of these experiences came back slowly over a long period of time. I had a very similar experience myself. It seems like the method that aliens use to block our memories of abductions wears off over a certain period of time. Hypnosis is one method for regaining these memories but it isn’t always effective or accurate. Below is his story. We hope to have the time to dig into it further in the future.

An Alien Abduction Mystery

In around summer of 1988 , my sister and brother in law are visiting before going to Japan for 4 yrs. We are sitting at my house,  talking and all of a sudden I get a memory of something that happened years ago. I say, you guys ain’t going to believe this,  but I was sitting I’m moms yard in the middle of the night for some reason, and I looked up and all of the sudden, what looked like the moon , straight up, jumped in size 3-4 times and sat above me tree top high about the diameter of a football field.  My sister said , i was there remember? My mom and dad house was next door. I had moved a mobile home on their property in may of 1982 after getting married. My sister was living in Dallas with my brother in law.  She came up with the dates because I’m lousy with dates.

Stalked By Aliens

She had come down for a week because she had a lawyer appointment.  She was at my house visiting that evening with me and my wife and around 10 PM she said she was going to my mom’s house to go to bed. I told her i would walk her over. We sat down , her in a porch swing me in front of her in a lawn chair in my mom’s yard. For some reason I looked straight up and saw a light the size and color of the moon. While i was looking up,  the light jumped in size about 3 times and sat just above this huge pine tree. We were about center. I stood up and was turning around looking at it and its size . It had done this without making a sound  . The the bottom had gone from a white color light to reddish yellow orange swirling color that looked like molten metal,  it seemed like i could hear a humming noise now.  I’m looking straight up and in a blink I look and it’s not in my sight  . My sister is now standing in front of me staring straight up.  I look around and I see it sliding across my mom’s roof and out of sight.
I had noticed the leaves at the top of the gum trees didn’t budge as it went over and it no longer was making any noise.
I ran around the house to see if I could see it but it was not there . I looked for moving lights in the sky,  but none. I was walking around the house and met my sister halfway.  She said did you see it ? I said no, it was gone. We both went back and sit in the swing,  looking at the sky for moving lights,  but there wasn’t any.
She said,  I’m not going to tell anyone about this. and I said me either.
She said she was tired and was going to go to bed. I walked home. I was only gone 15 or so minutes.  My wife was going to clean the kitchen and pick up the house. When I walked over with my sister , every light in my house was on and the stereo was cranked up and the TV on. When I got home everything was off. It was dark and quiet. My wife was in bed in a deep sleep. I crawled over her and went to sleep not to remember it for six years.
Another strange thing my sister added together.  This happened in September. My brother in law was sterile.  My nephew was born in June of 1983. He was born with a hair lip and  staff infection all over his body , the put him in an incubator and wasn’t sure if he would make it. My sister didn’t have the infection , it was in the sack with the baby. From September of 1982 to June 1983 is 9 months.
This happened in the country north west of Shreveport Louisiana.

Am I Dreaming?

I’ve had dreams my whole life of flying and floating up through these huge oak tree branches looking down at the roof of the house I lived in from age 4yes. I could draw a picture of the roof including the awning.
When I was 16 yrs old I was living in the country.  I went rabbit hunting at night.
I had been asleep. My grand parents lived at the very back of the property,  about 300 ft from my mom and dad house.  I woke up one night peeing . As I woke up I was warm , I was looking around. I was behind my grandmother house standing in dry brown weeds 3-4 ft tall peeing. Its winter . Water puddles are frozen and there are 4 gum trees between the houses with hundreds of sharp pointed gum balls on the ground.
I’m not wearing anything but my tighty whities underwear.  No shirt or socks , just briefs . As I’m finishing peeing. A breeze blows by and I begin to get a chill. But it took a while for me to start getting cold even my feet.
I can’t understand how I got there without waking up. I’ve never sleep walked like this before or since then.

Psychic Connection?

I had the strangest dreams while my sister was in Japan for a couple of years.
I dreamed I was standing beside a guy. I couldn’t see him. It’s like I couldn’t move, and could only look straight forward.  But my sister was screaming and yelling and fighting someone trying to get away. Screaming for me to help her. The guy was telling me that she was ok, and no one was hurting her.  But she kept screaming and crying for help but I couldn’t move . Then these two short guys walk by in front of us and my sister is lying on her back , floating by between two more short guys. I couldn’t see their faces. But I did see my sisters. It was weird, I could hear her screaming and crying and fighting,  but she was looking straight up and her lips weren’t moving.
It looked so strange to me.

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