Radio Waves From Space May Prove Alien Life

Some people think that the idea of aliens is ridiculous. They laugh and poke fun at those of us that believe. The funny thing is, there are massive telescopes pointed at the sky which search for these aliens. These telescopes aren’t cheap. People have spent millions of dollars on these incredibly advanced pieces of machinery. If these highly intelligent, wealthy people believe that life is out there then maybe the idea of aliens isn’t so far fetched. Some of these telescopes are finally paying off. They have received radio signals that may be from aliens.

People think that receiving alien radio signals is easier than it really is. They want to know why we don’t already have proof of their existence. With all the radio receivers we have scanning space, shouldn’t we be picking up T.V. shows from aliens on Alpha Centauri by now? Unfortunately, it’s just not that simple. To find a certain signal we have to know where to look and what we are looking for. Then, we have to filter out all of the different waves that come from different places and combine together. Surely we have intercepted alien radio waves by now but we probably can’t tell what they are. One day we will find proof in the giant mass of radio waves that we intercept on a daily basis.

Scientists have known about FRB’s (fast radio bursts) for many years. Radio telescopes have been picking them up for a long time now. The amazing thing now is that some of these radio bursts show signs of repetition. This could be an alien race trying to signal us from out in the galaxy. They could be doing this intentionally or accidentally. The fact that they are repeating themselves is what is so interesting. Astronomers in Canada have found over 13 FRB’s with one repeating in less than a year. This happened at the CHIME observatory in British Columbia.

Radio Telescope Alien
NASA Radio Telescope

Radio waves are a sign of intelligent life. Humans have been sending radio waves into space for over a hundred years. We never intended these waves to signal alien races (at least not until recently) but they may have. These signals being picked up by these scientists could be signs of a fledging alien race. The only problem is that the latest group of FRB’s from outer space are believed to be originated from 1.5 billion light-years away. It is safe to assume that if aliens did create these radio waves that they are long gone by now.

The scientists are not ready to claim these radio waves as signs of alien life quite yet. Many different objects in the Universe create radio waves. It would also take a very directed, and strong, wave source to create radio waves that can travel such a vast distance. Normal radio waves, like those that we humans make on a regular basis, become undistinguishable noise after a few light-years. Radio waves can be sent vast distances while still holding their integrity, but this would have to be done intentionally.

USA Today Video ABout Radio Waves From Space


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