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Recent Increase In Orb UFO Sightings

I wrote an article a few years ago about the increase in UFO sightings. We knew that there had been an increase in UFO sighting reports but we didn’t know why. We wanted to know if there are more UFOs investigating our planet or are there just more people paying attention to the skies who are willing to report UFOs. At the time I wasn’t completely sure. It is completely impossible to deny the facts now. There has been a huge increase in light orb UFO reports or “balls of light” as some people like to call them.

More And More UFOs

In the two years since the last article we have noticed one undeniable fact. There has recently been a huge increase in the amount of light orb UFOs. This increase is too large and too consistent for us to come to any other conclusion than one. The Earth is currently being visited by more of these orb UFOs than ever before! In the last 6 months 3 out of every 4 UFOs reported have been light orbs. This is triple the amount from our stats two years ago.

More UFOs Flying
There are more UFOs visiting Earth than ever before!

While almost all UFO researchers agree that there has been an increase in these UFO sightings not all of us agree on what they are. Some people think that they are a new type of government drone. Another idea is that they are objects that come from other dimensions. Some people even think that they are spiritual beings that are more like ghosts than aliens.

I believe in the paranormal. I think that ghosts are real. There is an entire spiritual realm that exists here on Earth that we only catch glimpses of.

Some of these spirits do seem to take the form of a light orb. These spirit light orbs are different from the orbs that are believed to be UFOs. The spirit orbs are usually small, stay close to the ground and don’t stick around very long. For this reason we can count out the spiritual realm for being the cause for the recent increase in light orb UFO sightings. During the day these orb UFOs often appear to be solid white.

Is The Government Responsible For The Increase In Orb UFO Sightings?

I have no doubt that the U.S. Government has advanced technology that we have no idea about. I would be scared for our safety if they didn’t. I also bet that they are working on advanced drone technology. What I don’t believe is that the Government has the technology to manipulate light in the way that it would take to make these light orb UFOs.

It would take an alien species that is way more advanced than humans are in order to make these UFOs. In a way these UFOs are drones, they just aren’t our drones. We dont believe that there are any living creatures inside of these UFOs piloting them. They are probably programmed to complete certain tasks and have the AI intelligence to do their job autonomously. Using unmanned drones to study other planets is what we do so it only makes sense that aliens would too.

Drones Made Of Light Makes Perfect Sense For Long Distance Travel

Since these light orb UFOs are made out of light it may be possible that they can travel at the speed of light. They probably communicate the same way that all cross Universe travellers use, by using quantum entanglement.

Quantum entanglement communication technology gives aliens the ability to communicate across the Universe instantly. Aliens have learned how to manipulate quantum particles in pretty much the same way that we use light pulses in fiber optics. Moving theses particles in certain ways communicates a certain message. Aliens can send these light orb UFOs all over the Universe and instantly receive information back.

I want everyone to understand two main ideas from this article. First is that there is definitely an increase in UFO activity here on planet Earth. Second is that these UFOs are sent here by an advanced alien species. There have been too many UFO sighting reports for us to deny this fact. Many of these reports are even caught on video.

Alien intentions are very important.

While we may all agree that there is definitely an increase in UFO activity, no one really knows exactly what this increase means. I think that something big is about to happen between aliens and Earth. I believe that they have had a plan for our planet for longer than humans have even existed. Whatever their reason for keeping themselves hidden from us may be coming to an end. I just hope that when aliens do land on my front yard that they aren’t hostile.

Trying to find the reason for alins visiting Earth is very important. It is way more important than most people could ever think. The stigma surrounding the subject is slowly fading away. If we all work together and keep reporting alien activity then we may one day answer this question. Hopefully this will happen sooner than later.


Just one of the many videos of orb UFOs.

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