Robots Are Taking Over The World And We Just Stand By Watching

Sometimes I wonder how little attention people really pay. If you want to know where something is going then all you have to do is know it’s trajectory. The human race is on its way to destroying itself and we all just stand by watching!

Human existence is teetering on the edge of disaster in so many ways. Nuclear war and climate change get a lot of press but the thing I want to talk about is A.I. I don’t know if aliens will ever take over the world but it does seem like robots will.

Human Life Has Already Been Hurt By Robots

People like to talk about how good the economy is doing right now in the U.S. When they talk about this they are usually talking about employment numbers The problem is that the economy has many different sides. Does it help someone to have a job if they still can’t afford to live? The income gap is at an all-time high and it is only getting worse. Jobs people used to do keep going to robots. Instead of having 100 workers all you need is several robots with a few human engineers. Think of the sectors that have already lost most of its workers to robots.

  1. Farming: Farming was the first to go. As farming equipment became better and more efficient, fewer people were needed to farm.
  2. Manufacturing: After people left the farms they all went to work in factories. Now they are getting run out of factories too. There is no major sector available to absorb all of the factory workers. They will all have to take lower-paying jobs.
  3. Retail: Whether you realize it or not, retail is dead. At least compared to the past. Malls are dying. Small shops are all but gone. Now we all order our stuff from Amazon. Who works at Amazon? Mostly robots!
  4. Mining: Most mining these days is done with giant machinery. While I don’t know many people that want to break their back in a mine, it’s still an industry dominated by machines.

On their way out the door.

  1. Service: The one job that people thought was safe is service. Restaurants, gas stations, etc.  Have you walked into a McDonalds lately? What do you see? That’s right. Touch screens taking the place of cashiers. Grocery stores did this a long time ago. I do the job of the cashier at Krogers now yet it pays nothing. The pizza industry is working on automated cooks as we speak!
  2. Taxi Cabs: Uber has already destroyed the cab industry. This probably only bothers you if you drive a cab. Uber started out as an idea that anyone could work for themselves through Uber. Now they cut their pay and are putting all the money into… yep, robots! Self-driving cars. Uber and Tesla are leading the charge to destroy the driver industry.
  3. Trucking: This kind of goes with the last. After these companies perfect their machines, they will be better at driving than people. Truck driving has always been a good employer in the United States. Well, it too will be gone in the next decade.
  4. Law Enforcement: Have you ever received a ticket in the mail that you don’t remember getting? I have. Where did it come from? One of those stupid robot traffic cams. Robots are taking over law enforcement. We have A.I. facial recognition computers already. Soon drones will be a normal law enforcement tool. Robocop may not be fiction for long.
  5. Soldiers: Isaac Asimov thought that we should never let a robot harm a person. He thought that this is the most crucial law of robotics. We have already ignored that. We have war robots. Currently, drones are flown by people. How long do you think that will last? Next, it will be tanks, bombers, jets, battleships, etc. There will be robots killing people all over the world in the name of “justice”.
  6. Sex. Yes, I said it. Believe it or not, the sex robot industry is booming. The one thing that we would think would always take another human is now being taken over by robots. Relationships are complicated. Why deal with all of that when you can program the perfect mate. Want company? Get a dog. Want kids? Adopt or get a surrogate. Maybe your wife would rather you leave her alone and use a robot. They aren’t only for single people!

self driving car

The List is Endless

I could go on but I am not going to because the list is literally endless. If you follow this train of thought then there is only one conclusion. At some point, the only jobs that will be left for humans are the ones building robots. I guess that this is good for engineers, but what about everyone else? Yeah, some people will be able to scratch a living out doing other things, but how many? The Earth is getting more populated, not less. Earnings for the average person are going down, not up (compared to the cost of living). Pretty soon we will all have to work for the government. The top %1 will always be okay. I’m not worried about them.

Personally, I would give up all technology to go back to how things were in the 80s. I love my technology but it is counterproductive to human life. It’s too late now. The avalanche has started. We all stare at our computers and smartphones while the robot apocalypse happens behind the scenes. The people behind it will never stop because it is going to make them rich!

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