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SpaceX Starlink Satellites Cause Increase Of UFO Sighting Reports

A large increase in similar UFO sightings were reported in late April of 2020. These reports kept coming in for days. The UFOs were described as small flashing lights high up in the sky that were in groups of 20 or more. These UFOs were flying quickly in a line all headed in the same direction. They flew  as if shot out of a machine gun. Some of the reports described the UFOs as close together while others described them as further apart. Some people were ready to call for an alien invasion. Having received 6 of these reports ourselves, we wanted to get to the bottom of the UFO flap.

At first it is hard to imagine what kind of man-made aircraft could cause this increase of similar UFO sightings. The first hint was that the UFOs were all described as flying very high in the sky. They are so high that they can barely be seen.

A high flying stream of lights reminded me of something I had seen on television lately. I had watched a video of a SpaceX rocket releasing Starlink satellites. These satellites are shot rapidly in a straight line in strings of around 20. They also have bright lights on them. so I wondered if this is what it could be. I looked it up and indeed there was a SpaceX rocket carrying 60 Starlink Satellites launched on April 22nd. The question I had was could these satellites really be seen with the the naked eye from Earth.

Starlink Satellites are small compared to most satellites. Each Starlink satellite weighs 500 lbs. (227 kilograms) and is roughly the size of a table. You would think that their size would make them harder to be seen from Earth than other satellites. This would be true except that their size allows them to orbit much closer to Earth than other satellites. They stay in what’s called low Earth Orbit. When they are first launched they shoot out of the the rocket in a straight line until they move into their desired position. The Starlink Satellites could be seen from Earth for 3 days assuming the viewer had clear skies. The satellites slowly spread out which is why some of the UFO sightings reported them further apart.

Well it is safe to say that this is one UFO sightings that loses the “U” having been identified. I still find it amazing that these satellites can be seen from Earth. We will keep watching the sky for interesting events events and we hope that you do too!

This video below shows what the Starlink Satellites first look like when they are released from the SpaceX rocket. It is easy to understand how they would be mistaken for UFOs from the ground. They eventually spread out to where they can cover the entire sky with a line of lights. Of course they look a lot smaller from the ground.

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