Our Picks For The Most Realistic UFO Sightings

Several factors go into deciding which UFO sightings are the most realistic, authentic and credible. The main factors we used are:

  • The number of witnesses
  • How credible the witnesses are
  • Government involvement
  • How plausible the UFO sighting story is
  • The amount of investigation that went into the story

The Battle Of Los Angeles

The Battle Of Los Angeles has always been the most fascinating UFO sighting to me. A sighting like this is what makes me really believe that the alien UFO presence is real. The UFO sighting occurred on February 24th, 1942. There was a lot of paranoia on the West Coast due to the Pearl Harbor attack by the Japanese. In preparation of another attack, the U.S. Military lined the coast with ant-aircraft weapons and soldiers.

At around midnight, a UFO was spotted in the air. The anti-aircraft guns opened fire on this object immediately. The entire western part of the city was in an uproar. People panicked and flooded the streets. In the chaos, three people died.

While military spotlights shined on the UFO, the guns shot thousands of rounds at it, Even with all of this the UFO never came down. The Army said that it was a balloon with a flare. This doesn’t really make sense since an object was tracked by radar heading towards Los Angeles. Plus, if it was a balloon, I think that they would have shot it out of the sky.

Battle of LA
This Picture Which Shows An Object In The Spotlights Is Said To Be Doctored

Years after the war ended, the Japanese said that they never had any aircraft fly over the Los Angeles area. The thousands of witnesses, plus the fact that the Army shot at this object, make us believe that something seriously alien went on here.

Rendlesham Forest

The next UFO sighting on this list is what’s commonly called “The Rendlesham Forest Incident”. This sighting has some of everything. Military witnesses, time loss, crazy visions and more.

Rendlesham Forest is the area located beside the RAF Woodbridge base. In 1980, the base was being used by the United States Air Force. Strange lights were reported on the night of December 26, 1980. The lights were investigated by two servicemen.

Things begin to get a little fuzzy at this point. Because of the men being in the military, the did not feel like they should tell what they saw at the time. We aren’t sure exactly what they reported to their superiors at the time, but it was enough that the base commander himself investigated the are the next day.

After leaving the military, the witnesses felt that they could finally be open about their experiences. The witnesses claim that they first saw strange lights coming from the forest. Since they were on patrol, it was their duty to investigate. After making their way to the forest. they saw a small UFO sitting on the ground.

The two men slowly approached the object. It was a disc shaped UFO with strange markings on it. The markings looked like hyroglifics. The UFO was a metallic color with bright, colored lights coming out of the craft. One of the men later claimed that he touched the ship and was instantly given visions of 1’s and 0’s in his mind. The UFO suddenly took off straight up into the air.

The local police were called out twice to investigate the incident. They say that they found nothing unusual. Even the base commander, Lieutenant Colonel Charles Halt, claims to have seen strange lights in the sky the next night. The police think that the lights came from a nearby lighthouse. Many people believe that these soldiers are just now looking for fame and that’s why their stories changed. We don’t know.

Malstram Air Force Base UFO

In 1957 there was an incident were at least ten of the Nuclear ICBM’s were taken offline unexpectedly. Right before the ICBM’s were taken offline there was a UFO seen flying over the base. One missile going offline is unheard of but all of them is a disaster. These systems are set up specifically so they can’t be taken offline.

The Air Force tried their hardest to find out what had happened to these missiles. They never could find an explanation for the malfunction. Of course details are slim when the military is involved. This isn’t the only UFO sighting which occurred near a Nuclear Weapons Facility.


The Roswell UFO story is not quite what we would call a UFO sighting. It is more of a UFO event. We feel that it’s impact on the UFO community gives it a pass and allows it on this list.

We all know the story. In 1947 an Army “weather balloon” crashed in Roswell, New Mexico. There must have been some major confusion with the military because they couldn’t get their story straight. At first they admitted that an unknown object had crashed at Roswell. They later changed their story to the whole “weather balloon” thing.

Regardless of what really happened at Roswell, we are grateful for it. We know that UFOs are real and any attention the subject gets can only help uncover the truth.

The 1952 Washington D.C. UFO Sightings

There were many UFO sightings, or flying saucers as they called them then, over the capital in 1952. Americans had caught flying saucer fever. On July 12th of 1952, there was a cluster of UFOs caught on radar heading over the capital. The UFOs were estimated to be flying up to 7000 mph. The Air Force scrambled jets to try encounter the UFOs. They found nothing.

At roughly the same time, thousands of people on the ground saw glowing orbs flying through the sky over D.C.. The President himself wanted answers to what caused all of this chaos. The scientist claim, as always, that it was a weather aversion.  The video below is of these Orb UFOs over the Capital Building. It’s authenticity has been disputed. Of course.

We know for sure that color was added to the video later on which helps the contrast. There is never any way to prove a video is %100 authentic. The thousands of witnesses and reports definitely help.

The Floating City Over China

Once of the most impressive UFO sightings is the floating city over China. This event didn’t just happen once, but twice and was witnessed by at least ten thousand people.

This event first happened over Jiangxi and then over Foshan. Two cities in Southern China. As you can see from the video above, this was a crazy event. Scientists claim that bending light from differences in atmospheric temperature caused a mirage. This mirage made distant buildings appear as if they were in the sky.

My problem with the mirage thing is how high in the sky these buildings appeared. They were way up in the clouds. Mirages usually occur right above the horizon, not way up in the clouds. Also, the don’t look like modern buildings. The buildings in the sky don’t look anything like the modern city underneath it. If you ask us, this is without a doubt, an Unidentified Flying Object. Making it eligible for this list.

The USS Nimitz And The Tic Tac UFOs

In 2004 the Air Craft Carrier Nimitz was off of the coast of California. The U.S.S. Princeton was part of the carrier’s group. The Princeton had been picking up AAV’s “anomalous aerial vehicles” for days. The radar crew thought that their equipment was malfunctioning at first. Finally, they decided to send fighter jets to intercept the UFOs.

The fighter pilots encountered some very strange objects. One of the men reported a bubbling object under the water. Later he saw what he described as a giant forty foot long Tic Tac. The UFO was flying 50 feet above the water and several hundred miles an hour. Most amazing of all, it had no wings. It was like nothing he had ever seen before. It maneuvered in ways that no object should be able to. He eventually lost the object. The bellow video was released by the Navy and is from his tracking system aboard the F/A-18F Super Hornet that he was flying. It’s known as the “Go Fast” video.


The list of our favorite UFO sightings could go on forever. We tried our best to use scientific data to decide which sightings were on this list. Unfortunately, when it comes to UFO sighting data, most of it is in the grey area somewhere.

Please let us know what your favorite UFO sightings are in the comments!

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