Why Are Aliens and UFOs Interested In Nuclear Facilities

While it is true that aliens and UFOs visit many different areas on our planet, they seem to show more interest in some areas more than others. UFO researchers noticed long ago that aliens are interested in nuclear weapon facilities and nuclear power plants. There is a long history of aliens and nuclear power. While UFO sightings go back many years, many UFOlogists believe that these sightings have increased since humans started messing with nuclear technology. Should their interest in our nuclear capabilities scare us? What is the alien nuclear agenda?

The Beginning of Alien Interest In Nuclear Power

Alien interest in nuclear weapons goes back to the beginning. In 1942, America started working on the Manhattan Project. This project was a top-secret endeavor aimed at creating a nuclear weapon. We know now that they were successful and a few years later nuclear technology was born. The world’s first nuclear weapons explosion on July 16, 1945, in New Mexico, when the United States tested its first nuclear bomb.

First nuclear bomb
The first Atomic Bomb

Several people that were present when the first nuclear weapon exploded mentioned seeing strange objects in the air. These objects looked like flashes of light and weird “flying mirrors”. The scientists that made the first nuclear bomb weren’t even sure what it would do. Because of this, there were many unexpected results in the first testing of these bombs. They didn’t even understand nuclear fallout which is why most of them later died from standing too close to the explosion. Everyone decided that these weird flying objects were also a result of the unexpected effects of the nuclear explosion. Knowing what we know now, we believe that these objects weren’t just figments of the witnesses’ imaginations. These crafts are really alien UFOs.

UFO Activity And War

UFO activity has always increased during wartime. In 312 C.E., Constantine, during his march to retake Rome, witnessed a radiant cross in the sky. UFOlogists think that this was a UFO. Constantine thought it was a symbol for Jesus. Many soldiers in the American Civil War reported witnessing strange objects in the sky. In World War II, pilots reported strange objects in the sky that came to be known as foo fighters.

All of these instances show that aliens are interested in human wars, but this UFO activity increased after the use of the nuclear bomb in WWII. During the Korean War, Harry Truman almost authorized the use of nuclear weapons. The Korean War was also when more soldiers reported seeing strange craft in the sky. Top levels of the military decided that these reports were due mostly to “shell shock”. They also thought that these soldiers were mistaking the new jet fighters as UFOs. If you believe, as we do, that these objects were alien UFOs then you come to the conclusion that aliens were very interested in the Korean War. This is probably due to the advancement in technology including nuclear weapons.

On March 24, 1967, men see an unidentified object hovering over Montana’s Malmstrom Air Force Base, home to¬†nuclear weapons. One by one the nuclear missiles went down. The shut down of these weapons created panic among the soldiers and the U.S. Government. The engineers never came up with a good explanation of why these missiles shut down. Base commanders tried to quickly shut down the story of alien UFOs. Us UFOlogists wonder what message the aliens were trying to send us. Did they shut the missiles down on purpose or was it just a side effect of their UFOs close proximity? This encounter scared so many people that it is when we really started to question what their agenda was with our nuclear weapons.

Malmstrom isn’t the only nuclear base to get taken offline by UFOs. In 2006, 50 of the 150 Nuclear ICBM’s at Warren Air Force Base went offline suddenly. Many witnesses reported seeing strange aircraft in the area at the same time that these missiles went down. There has been an unidentified flying object sighted at every single known nuclear missile base in America. Many other countries have reported the same types of anomalies as well.

We can’t write off all of these sightings around these bases as coincidences. If these occurrences only happened a few times then maybe we could, but aliens are constantly seen around our nuclear facilities. There has to be an alien nuclear agenda! This is one of those times when a conspiracy theory is actually true.

What Is The Real Alien Nuclear Agenda?

We could go on for a long time pointing out the many different times that UFOs have been spotted near nuclear facilities, but I think that you get the point. There is a long documented history of these encounters. The most important question that these sightings bring up is, why are aliens so interested in our nuclear technology?

Aliens Are Just Interested In Our Nuclear Capabilities For Their Own Research

One possible answer to why aliens are interested in our nuclear technology could be as simple as that they are just curious. Alien and UFO sightings have happened in a huge variety of situations and locations. This leads us to believe that aliens are interested in keeping track of many types of human activity. Is our nuclear technology just another part of humanity that interests them? Is their surveillance of our facilities just part of the normal monitoring of our species?

Our Nuclear Technology May Pose A Threat To The Aliens

It is pretty safe to assume that aliens aren’t very scared of humans. They are much smarter than we are. Their technology is way more advanced than ours. They can even control us with powers that we can’t even understand. The one weapon that we have that may scare them is our nuclear missiles.

Nuclear explosion alien ufo
Nuclear weapons could harm aliens.

Since nuclear weapons are the only real threat to aliens that humans possess. it makes sense that they would want to keep a close tab on them. When UFOs turned off the missiles at Malmstrom, they could have been making sure that their de-nuke technology was working correctly. The aliens that live on and visit Earth want to make sure that they can shut down our nuclear capabilities if a war between us and them ever breaks out. If aliens show themselves in mass to humans they don’t want the first thing that we do is to drop a nuke on their heads.

Are Aliens Trying To Save Us From Ourselves?

Another reason that aliens would be interested in our nuclear technology is that they are worried about humanity. They may care about us because we are their offspring or they might just care about us the way that we care about kittens. For whatever reason, aliens might really care about humans therefore they don’t want us to kill ourselves with nuclear weapons.

An alien civilization that has survived longer than humanity would have gone through their own experiences with nuclear power. It is probably considered an obsolete and dangerous technology to them. At some point, they found a more effective and safer power source. Aliens could be keeping track of our nuclear technology to make sure that it doesn’t destroy humanity before we can grow past the need for it.

Aliens Are Trying To Send Us A Message Not To Use Nuclear Weapons

When aliens blatantly do things like disarm our nuclear missiles, they could be trying to send us a message. The alien nuclear agenda could be a warning. They could be trying to tell us that nuclear weapons are just bad news. They could also be trying to tell us that they won’t let us use these weapons anyways. Or, they could be trying to tell us that we have to many of them.

I enjoy watching to show Southpark. I know it’s silly, but it’s a simple pleasure of mine. In one of the episodes, aliens come out of the sky because humans discovered light-speed technology and they wanted to test us to see if we are worthy of joining the Galactic Empire. The aliens tested the people of Southpark to see if they would tell the truth about some stolen space cash. Of course, they didn’t and the aliens told them that they were cut off from the rest of the Universe. While the space cash test is ridiculous, it is still possible that aliens really are testing us.

Aliens are probably very confused about how humans treat each other. Imagine if you cam from a planet where everyone worked together for the same goals. You would probably understand the need to defend yourself in certain situations, but you wouldn’t understand the constant killing humans do to their own species. Maybe aliens are so interested in our wars and weapons because they are trying to understand this aspect of our civilization.

A peaceful race of aliens may be trying to teach us that war is a waste. The reason that aliens stay hidden from us may just be because of our desire for war. What if they are waiting for us to prove that we can be peaceful before we get to join the “Galactic Empire”. They obviously don’t want a species that engages in so much killing to have even more advanced technology than we already have. I hope that humans can one day learn to work together as one species. Maybe then we will find out what aliens really want. Humans have the ability to do a lot of good and a lot of evil. In a curious way, this could be why aliens are so interested in our nuclear technology.

Why are aliens interested in Nuclear Weapons?

Aliens are interested in our nuclear weapons for many reasons. The main reason is that they are concerned about the Earth’s health. Read on for the rest.

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