UFO Captured On Video In London Ontario

This UFO video was submitted by a man that lives in London, Ontario. He lives in a rooftop apartment where he has a clear view for miles. One of his hobbies is watching the aircraft in the area. He even has a Flightradar 24 so he can track the planes all the way to Flint, Michigan at an altitude of 35,000 feet. This man is basically an expert at knowing what should or shouldn’t be in the air. We couldn’t ask for a much better UFO sighting witness.

The witness told us that he has seen several unidentified flying objects over the years while on his roof. He has witnessed this same craft six times from July to November of 2019. This was the only encounter where it came close enough for him to video it.

I coould tell from a long way away that this craft was nothing like an airplane or a helicopter. It would light up during a burst of acceleration and go out of control for a second. Then it would get hit with its own shockwave as it slowed down and go out of control again. It looked really awkward when it was flying slowly, but the power that it showed during acceleration was almost surreal. I saw that it was coming towards me so I decided to try and video it with my phone. It was at around 20,000 feet in the sky and night time so I wasn’t sure how well the video would come out. I am disappointed because the video doesn’t show the UFO very well.

The UFO had an internal light that was always visible. The craft itself seemed to spin in several different directions at one time. Multi-colored lights were coming out the bottom of the UFO but they aren’t visible on the video. The UFO appeared to be disc-shaped at times and then at other times, it appeared to be orb-shaped.

Unfortunately, the UFO was hard to make out on the original video. The following video is edited but only so the object can be zoomed in on and kept in the center of the frame. You need to remember that the UFO is a good distance away from the phone’s camera. People don’t realize how hard it is to catch a UFO on video. This is what a Real UFO Vidoe looks like; more often than not.



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