UFO Sighting In Michigan

A UFO sighting report came in today from Michigan. The sighting happened on January 12th at 10:30pm.

A cluster of orb UFOs were spotted by five witnesses. They were plasma looking balls that changed shape and color as they flew through the sky. The UFOs looked kind of like the bubbles that kids blow out of soap only they were much bigger. They were flying very fast across the sky. They disappeared and reappeared several times.

The witnesses said that the event lasted about ten minutes. The UFOs acted like they were dancing around the sky for fun. They didn’t seem to be headed in any specific direction. There didn’t seem to be any order at all to what they were doing. The people said that the lights didn’t change color the way that a normal light does. The UFOs seemed to be all colors at one time. They also appeared to be made out of a solid, light and liquid. It is very hard to describe in words what they looked like. One of the witnesses recorded the sighting but you can’t make out what the objects are. A few blurs of light are all that showed up.

  • Date: 1/12/2020
  • Location: Western Michigan
  • Duration: 10 Minutes
  • Type: Orb UFOs