Cluster Of Drone Sized UFOs In Tennessee

Tennessee UFO sighting report. A cluster of drone sized UFOs were spotted in Philadelphia, Tennessee on January 9th 2020. The sighting happened at 7:45pm.

Philadelphia is a very small town of about 600 people. It is 15 miles west of Knoxville. This is one of those towns where there are way more cows than people.

The witness was walking outside when she saw 20-30 red lights flying above a cow field. At first she thought that they were just balls of light but when she looked closer she realized that the lights were coming from the bottom of small disc-shaped UFOs. The UFOs were small at about 2 feet long. They were flying very fast and they weren’t moving like normal drones do. She couldn’t hear any noise at all. The drone UFOs flew above the field for about 30 seconds before they all suddenly flew off. They left at a very high speed in a V-shaped formation.

The witness has lived in Tennessee for her entire life and she has never seen anything like this before. No one in this small town even owns a drone. She believes without a doubt that these UFOs are alien.

  • Date: 1/9/2020
  • Location: Philadelphia Tennessee
  • Duration: 30 Seconds
  • Type: Small Disc UFOs