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What Are Grey Aliens?

Grey aliens have been around as longs as people have been reporting alien sightings. We believe that many different species of aliens visit the Earth but the Greys seem to interact the most with people. There has been much speculation about these creatures over the years. One of the theories that interests me the most is if grey aliens are really androids. I interviewed an alien abductee once that claims she witnessed these aliens up close and that they aren’t flesh and blood as everyone thinks.

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An Abductee’s Experience With Grey Aliens

One alien abductee that I talked with several years ago claimed that she witnessed first hand that Grey Aliens are actually androids. She had an extraordinary experience which she remembers only bits and pieces. One of the things that she remembers from being inside the UFO is that there was a Grey Alien hanging on the wall. This one looked exactly like the other aliens that abducted her except it was missing its arm. There were wires hanging out of the alien’s shoulder where its arm should have been. The alien’s body was hanging there, lifeless. Also, there was another, identical grey alien working on the android.

Grey Aliens Sending Androids Makes Perfect Sense

When you sit and think about aliens visiting Earth, it makes perfect sense that they would want to send androids to the far reaches of the Universe instead of themselves. Androids can travel long distances without food, water or air. They can handle extreme temperatures as well as other forces of physics that the aliens themselves may not be able to handle. UFOs often move in ways that would cause a deadly amount of G-forces to a living creature.

It is very possible that advanced alien species have developed wormhole travel as a way to get around the Universe. It is also possible that flesh and blood creatures may not be able to survive traveling through these wormholes. Sci-Fi movies lead us to believe that if we ever did stumble across a wormhole, we could just hop in it and ride it somewhere else. I don’t think it would be that simple. If wormhole travel is possible then it is most likely a very violent and would probably kill anything that came too close to it. Assuming wormholes are deadly then aliens would have no choice but to send androids in their place.

Could Terminator Be Wrong?

I am a long time fan of Arnold and the “Terminator” movies, but what if they have the theory of time travel backwards? They are, after all, science fiction movies made strictly for entertainment purposes.

In the movies, they can only send flesh-covered beings through time. I think that the reverse is more plausible and it would be safer to send inanimate androids through a rip in space-time than living flesh. If advanced aliens use time warps as part of the way that they travel then they may have to send androids because the trip would kill them. The androids could complete their tasks and then return home. What these tasks might be is an entirely different subject.

Humans Send Machines First Into Space

Looking at the history of humans space exploration, we have always sent machines to explore areas where humans can’t. We send satellites to explore the far reaches of the solar system. We sent the Mars Rover to explore Mars. NASA has plans to extend these types of missions well into the future. If humans find it sensible to send machines into space then aliens probably do too.

Aliens Send Many Machines to Earth

It is our analysis that not only could grey aliens be androids, but aliens send many machines to Earth. We believe that many of the UFOs that are spotted in the skies above Earth are not manned with any living creature. Some of them are just too small. These seem like they are more likely some kind of mechanical probe. Others seem to fly in ways that would create such G forces it is unimaginable that any flesh and blood alien could survive. The next time that you look up at the stars, think about how many of those could really be alien androids riding around in flying saucers. It is more plausible than you might think.

Grey Aliens Could Be Time Traveling Humans

One of the other interesting theories when it comes to the Greys is that they could be time-traveling humans. It is only natural to imagine that humans will change in appearance over time. Our heads will get bigger as our brains grow while our bodies will get smaller as they are not needed as much. Plus, if humans spend more time in space our bodies will change even faster.

Aliens Seem Obsessed With Humans Reproductive Systems

Almost every alien abductee I have talked with seems convinced that their abduction had something to do with their reproductive system. There are many reasons that this may be. The most common belief is that people believe that grey aliens use humans for some kind of breeding program.


If the Greys are really time-traveling humans then it makes sense that they are interested in such things. It is possible that, at some point, humans lost the ability to conceive children. This would mean that they may need to come back in time to retrieve the biological material necessary to reproduce. I can’t think of anything more motivating to cause humans to time travel than the loss of our entire species!

The Aliens Could Be The Androids

We have done a lot of talking about why aliens might send androids in their place, but we have overlooked a possibility. The Greys may not have been sent by anything. They could be an advanced A.I. android which became its own species. They may have taken over their planet from the original species or they could have branched off thousands of years ago.

The way that things are going on Earth, we humans may not always be the most advanced creatures living here. If A.I. (artificial intelligence) advances far enough then the robots could either take over the world or just decide to ignore us and do their own thing. If that scenario is possible on Earth then it could have already happened on a much older planet.

Are grey aliens an advanced type of alien android?

Grey Aliens Are Probably All of the Above!

After all our years of research and talking to witnesses it is our belief that what people call “The Greys” are probably all of the above. The descriptions of the grey aliens are not always the same which means that the Greys are probably more than one species (or thing). We, humans, make androids that resemble us, so it makes sense that the aliens probably do too. Flesh and blood aliens are visiting Earth themselves and using androids at the same time. There also seems to be more than one species of Grey Aliens. Many people with knowledge of such things claim that there are seven or more different alien groups visiting the Earth.

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