What Happened To The Ancient Aliens? Where Did They Go?

I like to watch Ancient Aliens sometimes. I found “Chariots of the God’s?” very interesting and this show is a spin off of that book. The show talks about how aliens interacted with people thousands of years ago. If you believe the show then there is proof of ancient aliens everywhere. My question is, if aliens where everywhere thousands of years ago then what happened to them? Why did they interact openly with humans back then but they don’t now? Where did the aliens go?

Something had to change between then and now to cause the aliens to keep out of sight. I happen to believe that aliens did once coexist with people on Earth like the show implies, but why did they leave? There are a few reasons that I can think of that may have caused them to do this.

There Is Always Talk Of Return Of The Gods

One premise of the show is that people used to mistake aliens for gods. Many religions talk about how the gods left but they will return one day. This means that the aliens knew that they were leaving and did so voluntarily. They didn’t die off from disease or leave without warning. The aliens leaving was part of a bigger plan. When they left they told the people not to worry because they would be back one day.

Aliens Only Intended On Helping Us Get Started

One reason that the aliens may have left is because they only wanted to stick around long enough to give humans a start. Some people believe that modern day humans were created by aliens. They believe that we are like children to these aliens. Because of this, the aliens wanted to stick around long enough to make sure that we were headed in the right direction.

Aliens gave us rules to live by. They taught us the importance of government and societal organization. The aliens helped us set up cities and taught us farming techniques. After humans had a good enough foothold, the aliens decided that it was there time to leave and let us grow on our own.

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Aliens Completed Their Goal On Earth So They Left

Another reason people believe that the aliens left is because they completed their mission on our planet. The aliens that visited Earth many years ago may have been a mining colony. They seemed especially interested in Earth’s gold resources. Some people believe that they created humans just to help them mine gold.

Aliens creating humans to help mine gold could explain why we are still obsessed with gold to this day. It also helps explain why we are driven by money and power. It was taught to us when we were a fledgling species.

After the aliens mined the gold and other resources that they needed, they decided to leave Earth. They decided to let people stay and become the dominant species on the planet.

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Aliens Still Visit Earth So Why Do They Hide Now?

I have always wondered why aliens hide from people now when they didn’t thousands of years ago. There isn’t one answer to this question, unfortunately. I believe that the UFOs which visit Earth today are a different species from the ones that visited thousands of years ago. Since they are a different species they have different priorities.

It’s possible that the aliens on Earth today forced the other aliens leave in the first place. Maybe they didn’t like the way the other species was treating us. They may not have liked how the aliens were robbing the Earth’s resources. Since there are many different types of aliens there could be many different reasons for them to be on Earth. We have no idea what kind of conflict that might be going on between them. It only makes sense that there would be good and bad aliens just like there are good and bad people.

We Don’t Know For Sure Why The Aliens Left

The sad part is that we may never know why the aliens left thousands of years ago. Maybe they will come back and tell us one day. Maybe they won’t come back because we evolved past the point of them being able to rule us like they used to. Ancient aliens could be wrong and they were never here in the first place. This topic is one of those were you only find more questions than answers once you start digging.