Who Are The Real Men In Black?

I think that everyone on the planet has seen one of the Men In Black movies by now. What most people don’t realize is that the Men In Black movies are based on real people. Like most good entertainment, there is a little fact in these stories to go along with the fiction. In this case, it’s very little fact. So what is the truth about the real Men In Black?

The Men In Black are people that work for the United States Government on very secret projects. They get their name because they are always wearing black or dark-colored suits. The reason that they do this is that they want to look as plain as possible while still looking official. Their uniforms, if you will, give them an aura of authority. The way that they dress also makes them seem mysterious or even scary. This is all designed specifically to help them get information from civilians without giving away who they truly are. Everyone that sees them assumes that they work for the government and, usually, no one pushes them to identify themselves. They can be very persuasive.

What Part Of The Government Do The Men In Black Work For?

It is impossible to name the exact organization in the government that the Men In Black work in. They are part of what we refer to as the “Shadow Government”. The Shadow Government is the part of the government that works off the grid. They are able to do things that the rest of the government would never want to admit to. Every large government across the world has a “shadow arm” within it. Without these factions, governments could not operate effectively. The James Bond movies have a seed of truth also.

The secretive or “Shadow” Government is useful for many things other than just aliens/UFOs. They do things like spy on allies, arm rebellions in foreign countries, complete assassinations, plant evidence or frame people/nations, etc.. The Men In Black are just a small part of this “Shadow Government”.

Different forms of the government have always existed before they actually had names. The same is true for the Men In Black. At one point in time, there was no C.I.A., yet the United States still carried out intelligence missions overseas. People used to say that the N.S.A. was a conspiracy theory and now they are an open, legitimate part of the Government. It is only a matter of time before we are all told that the Men In Black have been real all along. This will obviously be part of government alien disclosure.

While we don’t know exactly what name the Men In Black call themselves, we do have some ideas. At one point they went by the name “The Majestic 12“, “Majic 12” or “MJ12”. They were also the group that we called the N.S.A. before it became the N.S.A. The N.S.A. dropped them from their realm of responsibility when they became public. Whenever anyone gets close to uncovering their true identity the group just simply changes its name and location.

The Real Men In Black Are Whoever They Want To Be!

If you ever encounter the Men In Black they can claim to be from any number of government agencies. The most common is the F.B.I. but they can also appear as C.I.A., N.S.A., state police, local police, game wardens or anything really. Most people never even realize that they came in contact with the Men In Black. They have the highest level of security clearances that anyone can have so not even other government officials can make them reveal themselves.

The real men in black
How people expect the real Men in Black to look.

The people that work for the Men In Black are completely devoted to their jobs. They live by a more strict code than Catholic Priests do. The good thing about this is that it lets them live almost above the law. The bad part about it is that they are completely expendable. If their higher-ups decide that it is time to cut them loose then they can kill them off without anyone missing them. The leaders of the shadow government don’t let these people go. The knowledge that they possess is way too dangerous. I doubt that the Men In Black worry about retirement or old age.

UFO over a Lake
UFO Sightings

You probably want to know how anyone knows that the Men In Black are real if they are so secretive. Well, we know that they exist for the same reason that we know UFOs exist. People have seen them. There have been reported encounters with the Men In Black going all the way back to the 1950s. The group was reportedly made after the giant mess that the Government made during the Roswell Crash. After Roswell, the Government realized that it needed a group to take care of all UFO/alien related issues. Only a devoted group could keep a lid on such an important topic.

When people first encountered the Men In Black they were a little rough around the edges. They would come into a situation and steamroll it without telling anyone who they were. Because of the way that they acted, people soon realized that they were dealing with a secret part of the Government. These experiences are where the legends of the Men In Black were born. Later on, the Men In Black learned to work with more finesse and tried harder to look inconspicuous. They learned quickly that they didn’t want to stick out in any way. American’s ask more questions and expect more honesty from the government than they used to.

This means that the real Men in Black don’t always were black. That would be a dead give away. The longer that they have been around the better that they have become at fitting in. We still call them the Men in Black but that is just how we describe the organization, not how they literally look.

The Men in Black’s ultimate goal is to intimidate people into keeping quiet about alien encounters. They are usually the last resort option. These men usually only appear when very large scale sightings occur. If you encounter the real Men in Black then rest assured that you have witnessed something extraordinary!

Disbelief Does Not Mean That Something Is Not Real

Some people will read this article and scoff at the idea of the Men In Black being real and that’s fine. I don’t try and force my ideas on anyone. People have seen them. They exist whether you believe in them or not. If you think that our government is always being honest with us then you haven’t been paying attention. The Freedom of Information Act only helps if you know what information to request. Even then they can redact anything that they want. If you have any personal stories or ideas about the Men In Black that I haven’t covered then please leave a comment.

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